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I knew that I was going to use HDC photography from the moment I started booking my wedding . I had read nothing but positive reviews.
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HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

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By Honeybear12345, · 135 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: They were on time and Milan was very experienced and super nice.
Cons: Nothing negative
AHdc the best part of my wedding. Milan actually was our photographer and he knew exactly what to do. He was very efficient and his pictures turned out amazing. We were actually leaving two days after our pics were taken and Arnaud brought them to Secrets royal Beach before we left I love the DVD cover with our picture in it. The slideshow was amazing and I actually received 75 prints. I give them 5 stars and wish I could fly them to the US for every event for them to take pics. You will not be disappointed with Hdc the prices are amazing. Great people and great company. Milan you were awesome and I loved the work that you did with us you made our day so special and Milan you deserve the recognition for producing the pics that you did. Very creative work Everyone has talked about how great all of the pics are. Arnaud you have an amazing company and I can't wait to fly over again to the punta Cana and let you guys do family portraits. Thanks Again Hdc


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