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Kelli G

By Kelli G, · 240 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional & beautiful photos; Very fun people that value their work. Worth every penny!
Cons: It's a bit expensive to add the costs of travel for 2, but worth it! Some of the photos are special sizes and hard to print as a normal photo size.

Joe & Rebecca were our photographers and were FANTASTIC! After 3 years, I can still look at my wedding photos over and over, and often even find a new photo to love! Some of my photos are above as examples...aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!?! I loved having the 2 of them b/c one stayed w/ me & the bridesmaids, and the other stayed w/ my husband/groomsmen. So we have photos of our entire day and of the location, which has been great for memories. They worked really well together as well. I never actually felt like my picture was being taken...they caught some very intimate moments and I didn't even know they were shooting. I actually feel like they were more of our wedding guests, than our photographers, because they had fun with everyone all the while capturing some great memories and just blended in with everyone. We gave them a list of "posed photos" that we wanted for the family, and they stuck to it. Otherwise, our photos are all very candid and in the moment!

We looked at many photographers before we came across JPG and we instantly decided, that day, to use them. Even my husband said he liked them...and most of his decision making associated w/ the wedding was "whatever you want."

Their prices/packages were comparable to others that offered just ONE photographer, for a set number of hours. So having both of them at our destination wedding for the whole weekend was perfect for us! The additional costs for us were paying for their airfare and 2 night stay at the resort. But, after all was said and done, I wouldn't have done it any other way. The other island photographers and hotel photographers were not good at getting back to me, had standard packages that weren't ideal for our families, and you never know how they will turn out. There is no going back w/ your wedding photos, so my advice is if you have a limited budget, then cut back expenses elsewhere and invest in JPG to capture your special day...these photos will be w/ you for life. You will get what you pay for and even more!

They quickly put together an awesome CD slideshow for us to have at our reception back home. Our photos were ready when they promised, and they were even better and more beautiful than I ever imagined! They gave us all our photos as promised to print and distribute as we please. My main complaint (which would be the same for most wedding photographers that give you a CD of the photos) is that the pictures are sized to fit a little bigger than your standard photo size.  So many of our photos we printed on our own as 8x10 or 11x14, didn't quite include the whole photo. No big deal, just the edges of the photos didn't fit. But these photos were so beautiful from top to bottom and side to side, I wanted the whole photo!  If you order the photos from JPG, then you get the photo as it was taken.  Our photo album they made for us took a little extra time than planned, but part of that was my OCD personality wanting it to be perfect...they were very patient w/ all my requests for changes and did everything to make it personal and perfect for us! Joe was really great at the detail of the photos, and we know that he loves what he does, and really values the quality of their work. If I lived closer to them, I would hire JPG for all our photo needs...babies, pets, whatever...And if any of their photographers have half the talent, class and fun that Joe & Rebecca have, then you're still going to love the results!


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