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Dennis Berti Wedding Photographer

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By navywedding, · 232 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, punctual, knowledgeable
Cons: None

Stop looking for another photographer!  My wife and I found Dennis and Chio for our engagement session and it was a super experience.  


From beginning to end, they were a pleasure to deal with.  I had researched all the photographers in the area and found that all other reviews from other sites had led me to Dennis.  And as everyone knows, these shoots can be a little costly so you definitely want to make sure you get a good product.   But after looking at his portfolio, we knew he was the person for our shoot.


His pictures are extraordinary and of great value.  We did a two shoot location and they turned out amazing.  Our family and friends had thought we had spent too much on the shoot but that's just the quality of their work.  In addition, they also recommended to us the best local fare and restaurants which made our trip even better.  I honestly hope you go with them because not only are they the best at what they do, they love it and what else more can you ask.  


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