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Worth Every Penny!
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Juan Navarro Photography

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By VancityBride, · 271 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Knows and loves his Job
Cons: None.

My husband and I have just returned from our wedding at the Grand Riviera Princess and we were lucky enough to have Juan as our Photographer and Daniel as his assistant. They were amazing! Juan loves his job and it shows in his actions and words. He talks about capturing the moments, and that is exactly what we are all looking for in a phtographer. Juan was warm, and never pushy. He sees that picture that would work the best and makes it work. He is so into his job that he an Daniel were rolling in the sand and greass areas to make sure they got the shot. It was amazing! Another good part about Juan is that he is affordable. I knew that when i saw his pictures on his website that he was exactly what we were looking for and the price that we were comfortable with. Then there is his assistant Daniel, he was also great too! He did an amazing job as well. I cant comment on the pictures yet, as i have yet to recived them as we just got back a few days ago. But i am really not worried. He skimmed through them with us and im pretty sure there going to be great.  So if your looking for a great and caring photographer who loves his job.. Hire Juan!


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