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Playa del Carmen
My amazing wedding at Le Reve Hotel!!!
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Le Reve Hotel & Spa

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By lavieenrose, · 803 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: Everything! Arlenis my angel Wedding Coordinator, Ana her assistant! They made me feel like I was the only bride they were working with! I love them!
Cons: NONE!!

Pre-wedding planning A+


I had such an amazing experience with Le Reve that I don't want to forget anything. Like most of you on this site, I didn't know where to begin. I had an idea of what I wanted but I just didn't know how to get it since I was planning from so far away and relied on previous brides review to guide me. 


I had 32 people in my wedding party and I wanted it to be as intimate as possible and a big resort was not my thing and I discover Le Reve! I had to fight so hard to have my wedding at this resort because of the size of my wedding party but it was SO worth it!! They did everything to make it happen for me. A lot of you thinking of booking at  Le Reve should look no further! If you are looking for a small boutique customizable wedding this is the place to go. I planned my wedding blind, I had never been to Mexico before so you can imagine how stressful it can be. 


Arlenis and Ana were there for me every step of the way. I never had to wait to hear from them, they were so responsive to my every needs. I do not consider myself a control freak so it was nice to have someone that had answer available before you even asked questions :-) Arlenis with her beautiful smile always made it seemed so simple but I know it is hard work to deal with multiple brides at the same time. She remember every detail by the time my wedding party arrived, she knew everyone's name. 


Hotel Le Reve Wedding Coordinators: Arlenis Priceless A+++++ Ana simply adorable A+++++


Legal Wedding A++

We were reluctant to do a legal wedding because it seemed like it'd be so much more work but I am SO GLAD I did because Arlenis and Ana pre-arrange EVERYTHING for us all we had to do is show up sign documents, donate blood and meet with an amazing judge who was so funny and made it so relaxing. I am embarrassed to say we were 1+ hour late for our appointment but not once did she make us feel bad b/c she knew that were already feeling guilty. If you are stressed about doing it this way don't be b/c she is the best and will work everything out for you promise!!!


Rehearsal Dinner at Le Reve A+++

We original planned to do it at a restaurant in Tulum BUT I am so glad we had it at Le Reve!!!! We did taquitos on the beach and it was AMAZING! They offered several kinds of meats, an assortments of sauces, beans, beers or margaritas and we had a bonfire, which has to be approved by the city but Arlenis handled it for us and all I had to do is show up and eat, dance around the fire and drink! It was absolutely amazing and EXCEEDED my expectations. The tables were beautifully set up and the tiki  torches were a perfect addition. I was worried that it'd be unexciting to have my wedding and rehearsal at Le Reve but trust me it is such a beautiful property that no one ever wants to leave.



My wedding day started with a massage at the hotel, Arlenis and her team were busy setting up and not once did I see her loose her cool. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and it is so reassuring she never said no to anything but always offered a suggestions for things should couldn't accommodate and it always worked out better than expected. My wedding was on 4/28 so I wanted to write this while it was  still fresh in my mind and I know I am forgetting a few things but please feel free to inbox me if you have questions. we had our ceremony on the beach, I got ready in the master suites and I'd recommend any bride getting married at Le Reve to get ready in that room it is bigger and plus you can do sneak peeks at people from the balcony as you are getting ready.


The food was awesome! the servers were amazing and were always available to assist. Arlenis was on top of the wedding schedule and kept us in track! We dance to Doremixx and I think my DJ's name was Leo. I  don't remember much after this because I was busy dancing and jumping up it was a BLAST!!!


I am so grateful to have chosen to have my wedding at Le Reve and to have had Arlenis and Ana by my side. It wouldn't have been this perfect without them. The Manager of the hotel was great as well I briefly got a chance to talk to him.


Le Reve looks exactly like what you see on their web site if not even more cuter.


The one tip I'll give: several of our guests actually preferred the Garden suites over the Horizons because they had a little more privacy but you didn't have the view of the ocean though but it is just steps away.


We spend so many days and night hanging at the pool it was truly magical.


I will post pictures as soon as I get them from my photographer the amazing Jeremy by Jeremy Wolfe Photography!!! 










What a great review! I am so glad things went well for you at Le Reve. We are getting married there next month (one month from today actually!) and your great experience is very reassuring :) Congrats on your marriage!!


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So sweet - congratulations! It warms my heart to hear how flawless your process and wedding day were. Dreamy :-). Looking forward to your photos, as La Reve is a honeymoon contender for us!


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Fabulous review and you look absolutely stunning! I also think Le Reve is one of the most amazing places! So happy you had such an amazing day!


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