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Riveria Maya Corridor
April 2012 Wedding
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Aventura Cove

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By NatalkaC, · 422 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Staff, food, grounds, service
Cons: the trip ended

Hey Everyone
Got back on Friday and let me tell you our week there was PERFECT - and  i was SCARED after reading trip advisor. We had a welcome dinner on Friday night and it got moved to the ballroom in the convention center because it was expected to rain. They did a great job. There was 35 of us and everyone was impressed. We had our ceremony in the Cove Gazebo - it was a breathtaking setting and everyone appreciated the cover from the sun. We had our cocktail on the pandero terrace. It was beautiful. The pictures that we have from there are great. Dinner was on the Meracus (?) terrace. It was great!!!!! They did an amazing job with the decorations and food. The only decorations we paid for was chair ribbons and we had the 'ipod station' which is pretty much a dj and speaker system - you just provide the music. Everything went sooooo smoothly and looked GREAT. We had Edith as our wedding coordinator - she did an amazing job of making sure I didn't have to think about anything!
At the last minute I added the horse and carriage- I saw it the day before and I loved the look of it. I was sooooo happy I added it - everyone (including my fiance) were shocked and loved it. We also added the fireshow - this is a MUST!!! Everyone was so impressed by it - we did not add lights or music (they try to sell it to you as an extra) and it definitely didn't need it. This is one of my favorite memories of the week.
I had read on this blog about adding maracas to the day. We went to the gift shop on the spa side and they sold us 35 pairs for $3 a pair. I know we could have gone to playa and paid less, but the convenience was worth it. Edith had pair put on each chair at the wedding (at no cost) and the rest put at the head table at the reception. This was a big hit - we used them to have people make us kiss at the reception and people loved that they got a souvenir.
The reception was supposed to be over at 830pm, however the staff was having a great time as well, and it was definitely after 930 before we left (we tipped well too :) ) Then we went to the disco were we had a great time!!! The poor bartender didn't know what hit him hahahahaha ....
Overall the wedding was amazing.
We also had a surprise birthday party for my dad while we were there. Edith put up a fake sign, so he wouldn't know walking up to it that it was for him. She also had a small cake made that said Happy Birthday - all at no extra cost. Everything was perfect. This was at the far end of the pools - it was the perfect relaxed setting.
The resort itself is amazing. The staff was so kind and helpful. By the time we left everyone knew my daughter and were teaching her spanish - she know waves when she hears Hola :) The rooms are great, the grounds are great, the food was great. The spa side was packed and people were coming to the cove side from there complaining about how busy it was and if there was another 100 people on top of our 35 I would be surprised. It was perfect. We never waited for food or service.
oh - and we used the resort Smile Photography - I couldn't be happier .. I was nervous about it and for no reason - we got the Deluxe pkg and have tons of prints, books and a disc. The photographer got some great photos and I don't have to worry about putting together any books - they were ready before we left :)
and for hair and makeup I used Sara Tarango (?) and her hair assistant - UNBELIEVABLE job - worth EVERY penny! - she is the sister of the people from Del Sol photography and thats how I found her - sooooo glad I spent the money on her and not the cost of that photography.
Noone needs to worry going to this resort - especially for a wedding


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