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Glad I had someone make a CD
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Mannia Cancun - Punta Cana Professional DJ Services

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By coconoir1908, · 210 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: prompt with emails, arrived on time, attentive to concerns
Cons: Did not play the right music for our crowd, did not match songs, artist suggested

If it was not for the fact that we received an immediate refund I would have rated this more harsh.  Music is very important for my hubby and I as this is how we met.  Since the reviews on the site were great, I set out to contact them.  They are very attentive, responsive, and friendly so I have no complaints at all when it comes to this. 


They send you a sheet to list your first dance song, cake cutting etc.  In addition, a list of songs that they have however; the list is not inclusive.  I was advised that I could send any song with the Title and Artist and if they had trouble finding it, they would contact me.  NO contact so I thought things were good. Let us fast forward to the day of the wedding. 


Our best man left the cocktail hour a little early to pay to the DJ, as they will not start playing music until paid. Hubby had given the best man the balance of $450 (our contract was $900.) The person kept telling him we owe $45.  Anyway, hubby paid that at the end, to keep me from getting pissed and cussing them out.. However, you know I was pissed.  However, this was not it.. Had it been I would have been okay.  Instead of him saying, “Cutting the cake”, he said, “cooking the cake”, he did a single women bouquet toss which I specifically said I did not want in our contract.  He did not play any of our songs during the dinner hour and when it was time to dance, who knows what he was playing.  Thank the heavens I am anal and more so in this area as my Hubby and I met dancing and we both love old school hip hop and R&B.  Therefore, I had a friend make us a CD ;-) and this is what the DJ played for the rest of the night. No one knew but the 3 of us. And 1 of us was pissed off… guess who?  Anyway, everyone had a blast and I did as well.   However, the next day I emailed DJ Mannia and told them what happened. They refunded me via PayPal before I left Cancun.

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Wow. Great review. I hear all these great reviews but was concerned about them playing Hip Hop and R&B. I plan on having my brother bring his ipod and "play" DJ. lol. Glad to hear everything worked out! :)


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