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We finally got married
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Nora & Chris Photography

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Pros: Accommodating, sweet and talented

We had a few hiccups with our wedding.  We were originally supposed to get married early last year, and we had everything booked from our venue to our photographers. 


Because we had to change so much with our wedding, most of our deposits were non refundable.  After talking to Nora and Chris, they were gracious enough to change our wedding date and not ask us for another deposit.  They transferred it and they were really great about it. 


After our wedding, when we got home, we got our photos back and they were so beautiful.  I had tears in my eyes the entire time looking through my photos and remembering the special times I had.  Both of them spent so much time and energy on us, and are so talented.   When looking at our photographs, I was reminded at how beautiful my day was, and it brought me back to that time where everything was perfect. 




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