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By LanaNYC17, · 642 Views · 0 Comments

Hi Brides,


I am getting married (shortly) in DRC and had a few questions.  


The wedding coordinator sent over photos of flowers/centerpieces options but more than half of the photos show dead flowers (and these are photos that they send out to people!), what has your experience been with the flowers? Any recommendations? Has anyone used an outside florist in Cancun?


We have gift bags for all of our guests and I was informed that the front desk "would not hold them" but could deliver them to everyones room for $3/bag- did anyone else have this problem? We have a lot of people coming and I feel as though we are seriously being nickle and dimed!


Originally, when we spoke to someone at the hotel regarding "our" room we were told that we can be upgraded to a Honeymoon suite or something along those lines- now we have a bill for thousands of dollars for our upcoming stay- was anyone else promised or received a free room or room upgrade?


Lastly, since we are having a very large destination wedding a lot of the guests wanted to make dinner reservations for groups of 10-20 people (a lot of family members that haven't seen one another in years).  The hotel is telling the guests that they have to pay a per person fee if they want to go to dinner together- this is making me absolutely LIVID, did anyone else have a similar experience? I feel terrible because people are spending so much money to be there in the first place and now an "all-inclusive" hotel is telling them that they have to pay to sit down to dinner together.


Please let me know if you had a similar experience, or if you could offer some advice.




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