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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Review – June 23, 2011
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Majestic Colonial Punta Cana All Inclusive

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By julied, · 1,053 Views · 0 Comments


We stayed at the majestic Colonial this past June for our wedding with about 30 people and overall, we had a really great experience and everyone had a good time.


The Wedding

This was fantastic and I could not have asked for a better experience. Before we left, I always received responses to any questions and concerns I had. They did not always respond immediately, but that is to be expected. Upon arrival we met with our wedding coordinator and she was fantastic. She had all of our information, asked questions, listened to what I said and took everything I had brought for our decorations along with my dress and my husbands suite to steam.


The day of the wedding, she stayed in contact with me to check in and when my husband got sick she moved the ceremony back and worked everything out so we had no problems. She kept everyone organized, made sure everything was done exactly how we had asked and was there throughout the day and night to make sure everything was taken care of. She even read some of our ceremony that we had written from scratch. We had out ceremony at the gazebo and it was beautiful but HOT. Our ceremony was at 5 and it was really hot in there, I think it almost trapped the heat in. It wasn't a big deal but something to keep in mind. All the servers and bartenders were fantastic. The food (at the seafood restaurant) was just ok, but the cake was beautiful and delicious. We had a private reception at the Parrots Bar and it was awesome! We did our own music and the hook up worked great (ceremony too), the servers kept the alcohol flowing and they even got in on the dancing with us! Overall I could not have been more pleased, we had an amazing day and our guests are still talking about it!


The Salon

Overall I was really pleased with the salon and I think they did a fantastic job with all of their services. I had my nails done the day before our wedding and my hair done on our wedding day as well as a couples massage later in the week and everything was great. I was concerned about them doing my hair, but I brought a picture and they did a great job.


Only one small complaint/thing to keep in mind, they don’t really go by appointments. I set up my hair appointment for 10 on my wedding day but a bunch of my friends/family went in earlier to get their hair and nails done. By 10:30 I asked when it would be my turn and the receptionist informed me that the two ladies doing nails were the only ones who do hair and nails so I would have to wait for everyone else. Luckily it was just people from my group so they let me skip ahead and be next, but keep this in mind and maybe go earlier then necessary. Also, the hair/nail ladies do not speak English although I had no problems communicating what I wanted.



Check in

We had some check in issues with our guests and one couple even had to spend the first night in a different hotel because they were overbooked (they were given a $200 hotel credit). We were supposed to be upgraded to a better room if it was available and we were told that they were but once we got there we knew it was the standard room. We went back to ask again and they said that they would upgrade us and after dragging our stuff across the resort we were given a room right next to the pool bar which was really loud. The only upgrade to this room was that it had a hot tub outside. Since this wasn't exactly how we wanted to spend our wedding week (sounding like a college party outside our room) we asked to be switched again. This time we waited for about 1/2 hour in a room that we couldn't touch anything in since we were moving and every time we called them they told us someone was on their way. Finally we got to the third room, which was quiet and had a view of the ocean. All of this could have been avoided if they just would have upgraded us when we asked or told us nothing was available. They kept telling us what we wanted to hear but not following though, which was frustrating. 



The rooms were in pretty good shape, but not super fancy. One group complained about their room not being clean but the staff remedied it right away. One thing to keep in mind is the bathroom is pretty open with a semi see through door on the toilet and shower. NO privacy at all. Overall we were not that impressed with the rooms. They are by no means bad, but they are nothing amazing either.



The pool was nice, clean and large. Lots of room, good places to sit and a swim up bar. Some of the people in our group really enjoyed the activities at the pool and it proved to be a good place for people to meet and hang out. The swim up bar has a little bit of a musty/mold smell but nothing too offensive and otherwise the pool seemed very clean and we enjoyed hanging out there.



The beach was AMAZING. The water was beautiful, the beach is huge with great sand. There were always plenty of chairs and umbrellas to sit under and lots of activities for everyone to do. This was the best beach I have ever been to and we all had so much fun hanging out in the water. They do have someone walking around and bringing you drinks but there is a bar pretty close if you don't want to wait that long.



Overall we were really pleased with the resort. It is beautiful, easy to get around and has a great atmosphere. For our large group, it was the perfect size with lots to do: events, shows, disco, work out room, shops etc. They keep the resort clean and the people are friendly. 



Food and Drink

The drinks were good and I have no complaints. The bartenders are friendly and the drinks were always flowing. There are plenty of bars so you are never to far from one and they do give you beer and water in your room in your fridge. We tipped housekeeping and asked for more of both and they kept our fridge stocked.


The food was ok at best and we were all unimpressed. This is probably my one biggest negative of the resort. There was nothing that stood out as really good food and a number of people in our group got sick, this included my husband on the wedding day! Now, I don't want to blame it on just the food but I did see this in other reviews before we left and it seemed like a larger number than is normal (most of our group either on the trip or after). It was mostly minor and lasted a day at most but it was still annoying. Again, this could have been attributed to a number of things: food, water, sun, drinking, etc. BUT it is something I would take into consideration. It really just seems like too many people get sick here as opposed to other all inclusive resorts. We were not impressed with any of the restaurants but no one went hungry either, there were lots of options and plenty to choose from but I definitely did not feel like we were eating great on the trip and I think our entire group would agree that we were a little disappointed in the quality.


Overall I would say that we were happy we had our wedding there, our wedding day could not have been better. Everyone had a great time and the resort is really nice and it was perfect for our group size. We have a few grips, but nothing major. We will probably not be returning, but not because we had a bad experience. Again, it was great for what we needed, but by ourselves we would look for a smaller, adults only hotel with (hopefully) better quality food.


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