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Loved Working with Octavio Montes!
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Octavio Montes Photography

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By ndvidul, · 460 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Professional, Creative, Friendly, AMAZING Value
Cons: none!

I was nervous using Octavio at first because photography was of #1 importance for me for our wedding, and his prices were way below what others were charging.  I thought that maybe you had to spend a lot of money to get great photos.  I was wrong!!


I read all of the reviews and asked past brides about him, and they only had glowing remarks about their experiences.  Because our budget was very low compared to other people's budgets, I thought we'd give it a try!




I couldn't be happier with our wedding photos, and our TTD pics are amazing!  Octavio had great ideas and was very easy to work with.  He arrived early to our ceremony site to setup and arrived at our bridal suite on time.  I never noticed him taking pictures during the ceremony, even though he captured the whole thing so nicely. 


He took us in his car to the TTD sites (plus, unexpectedly, our make-up and hair artists that I didn't know didn't have a car of their own to follow us) and even was a great sport when he realized we forgot to bring towels or a change of clothes!!  So, we were both sopping wet and smelling of cenote water the whole way back, but he was great about it all.  At the TTD session, he would even get in the water in his swim trunks with his camera (which isn't waterproof) to get great shots.  He's really dedicated to what he does.


He even put all of the images on CDs for us and made sure we got them before we left to come home, which was AMAZING. 


Communication with Octavio was fantastic - he responded to emails quickly and professionally, and answered all of my questions.


Overall, I'd HIGHLY recommend Octavio's work!!  We were fortunate to be able to have him.


Here are some of our TTD photos:



Piggyback ride 3.jpg


Rolling around.jpg




I hope this gives you an idea of how great Octavio is!  Thank you, Octavio!

1 Comment

AWWW! Thank you for posting more pix and the review! I am even more excited to use him. I will PM you about seeing your pix on FB too!!! Seriously love, love the pix!!!


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