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HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

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Suzanne George

By Suzanne George, · 173 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Nice Pictures, Well Priced, Got More Than What We Thought
Cons: Must use PayPal to reserve your spot

We really enjoyed our experience with HDC.  The back and forth with emails was smooth and understandable.  I selected them over any other site because of their samples.  You really only have samples to go on, and I liked what I saw on their site.


We were promised a photography session at 10 AM on Monday.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured he would take about an hour of photos around our resort.  Instead, the photographer picked us up and went out in his car.  We went to 2 spots, rocks / waterfall, and the beach.  I was really surprised how nice the rocks came out.  They don't look like anything at all in person, but they photograph beautiful.  Also, the spot on the beach he took us to was pristine, gorgeousness.  As far as the photos went, they were VERY nice.  We have had a lot of compliments on them, as I posted them up on my facebook wall to share.  We were really interested in having 1 special one for our engagement announcements, but I have to say, we would have had about 8 perfect ones that would have been suitable.  I felt like I got a lot more for my money.  The photgrapher spent a lot of time with us and really tried hard to get a good shot.  He was also very creative and artistic with his design. 


I wrote a review about our hotel on Trip Advisor and thought so much of this experience that it was one of the things I recommended that other travelers do, and included the link to this company.  It is hard when you are sitting at your desk in another state, trying to pick a photographer in Punta Cana, but you can relax and know that this people are legit and talented.  You will be so glad that you went to the trouble to get your photos done.


Good luck!


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