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Costa Rica
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Riu Guanacaste All Inclusive

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MacIntosh to be

By MacIntosh to be, · 883 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: weather, service, adventure, beautiful
Cons: secluded area (good and bad)

We were here in December 2012, i was a bridesmaid in one of my best friends wedding.

the resort was amazing, clean, service was awesome.

I can't say anything bad about this place.  One negative if you call it that is that it is fairly far, but when you are going on tours and excursions, there are lots to do and places to stop to fill the void.

My friend had a simple ceremony on the beach.

I think if I were to go here, I would book the resturant and stay later. We had the dinner in the normal seating they have each night.  They didnt want a real reception, but it lacked the personal parts a wedding should have. 

Great place, with organization it can be the fairy tale destination beach wedding you are looking for.  AMAZING WEATHER!!!!

1 Comment

This is so helpful. I am planning an April 2013 wedding here. Do you have any pictures you are ok with sharing? I am so excited, but so nervous to be plannning a wedding at a place I have never been. I have seen the photos on their website and the wedding coordinator has sent a few but I would be so grateful to see some of an actual wedding or reception. Let me know! Thanks



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