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Rubel-Cafiero wedding 3-9-12
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Ocean Photo Studio

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By joecafiero, · 168 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: professional and great to work with
Cons: too many pictures lol

I do not usually write reviews and my wife already wrote one but I wanted to give my opinion about this company and our experience because we are so happy. My wife is thrilled and she is not easily impressed and neither am I. i am not a picture guy and our photographer put me at ease right away and understood. he made my life easier while pleasing my wife by giving her all the pictures she wanted. We have seen 75 of them so far and we love them. We are anxiously awaiting the rest. i just wanted to thank Smile market for doing an amazing job and capturing the most amazing day of our lives so well. I recommend them highly as the value and the customer service are top notch.


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