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Love his photojournalistic style!!
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Sascha Gluck Photographer - Cancun, Mexico

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By Jesselinney, · 156 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Unique style, friendly, great price for the quality... I could go on!
Cons: None at all

We hired Sascha to shoot our wedding (Jan 18th, 2012) after reading the fantastic reviews on this forum and flipping through the gorgeous photos on his website and blog. After all was said and done, I must say the reviews are spot on, and his photos of our wedding and trash the dress session were even more beautiful than we expected.

About 5 months prior to our wedding we booked Sascha, knowing that our resort would be charging us an "outside vendor fee" to bring him on the premises. It wasn't until my husband and I arrived at the Iberostar Quetzal resort, that we found out that fee was $500!! This ridiculous fee is set in place to force couples to use the on-site photographer and deter them from booking the photographer of their choice. And it almost deterred us at the last minute. After speaking with Sascha over the phone though, he pointed out that his hourly rate was the same as the on-side photographer. In order to fit our budget, we changed our original booking of an 8-hour session it to a 5-hour (3 on the wedding day, and 2 for TTD) and he had no problem with that whatsoever. He was extremely understanding and gracious the entire time.

Boy are we glad we stuck with Sascha!! The day of the wedding he arrived at the room where I was getting ready, and started shooting everything. That's what is so great about his style – it's so journalistic, and really captures the emotions and "feel" of the day. When we were showing our photos to our friends and family, we got sooo many compliments, and someone told us that our pictures were so intimate – like they  were actually there. The TTD session the next morning was unforgettable. It was like a mini excursion! And to me, the photos are even more beautiful than the wedding day itself.

Sascha's vision is truly unique I think, and his services are completely affordable, and worth every penny.


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