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Wild about del Sol Photography
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Del Sol Photography

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Karen G

By Karen G, · 410 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Incredible artists, beautiful photos and very professional
Cons: N/A


When my fiancé and I decided to get married in the Cancun area, we started to research all things 'weddings' in Mexico.   I don't remember exactly how or why, but in the research process we came upon some pictures photographed by del Sol.   I remember being wildly impressed by what I saw and even deeply moved by pictures of weddings of people I don't even know!


So I set up a call with Matt at del Sol and shortly thereafter we decided we just had to hire them for our wedding photographers.   One of the first questions I was asked was on a scale from 1-10, how important is photography with regard to my wedding.  I said "9" but in hindsight, I think that number is actually a "10".   Our photos from our wedding are literally PRICELESS. 


Not too long after our wedding, we received a sneak-peak of our double-wedding pictures (we actually had two back to back wedding ceremonies on two different days because he's Indian and I'm Christian).  When the final albums arrived, I was literally floored at what an incredible job they did.   Between Sol and Juan they captured all the special/important moments we wanted and with a beautiful artistic flair.   Their attention to detail is impeccable -- from the early information gathering discussions to the questionnaires and fact finding just before the actual event, del Sol knew exactly what we wanted and they delivered.


To anyone who is thinking of hiring this incredible team of experts, I would say without a doubt they can't be beat. The pictures literally speak for themselves!  As I browse other albums from del Sol weddings and even in looking at my own, I am still left speechless.  This team delivers above and beyond anything I could have imagined and we are forever grateful!


Check out our Indian Wedding and Christian Wedding pics:









HOLA Karen, thank you for saying such nice things.... we are so glad you feel like things worked out ABOVE expectations. I'm proud of our team and we are just head over heels loving your images. Culture + LOVE + Paradise + Beautiful people, I could go on... thank you. What an amazing venue!


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Karen, GRACIAS for the nice review, loved the challenge of documenting a dual wedding and I'm so proud of the images we deliver to you to relive the extraordinary experience you had at your wedding. :) Thanks for having us!


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