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By Hyu1128, · 341 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Denise :)

i worked with denise at euforia and she is amazing!  from the moment we met on skype to the day i met her in person, i was not disappointed.  after a horrible experience with my originally planned wedding, i decided to start fresh with a new planner, venue, etc...  my new planner suggested we use euforia and mentioned they had the most beautiful arrangements.  this concerned me a bit and thought it was going to cost me a fortune but denise worked with my price point and said that she would work on the arrangement until i was 100% satisfied.  

living in nyc and the wedding being in mexico, i was nervous to see how the flowers would look in person especially with the new short time frame.  denise and i started communicating about 10 days prior to the big day!  and of course, if you calculate the time i was traveling and out of pocket, the most amazing set up and arrangements came together in about a week!  
the structure/alter at my wedding was the most beautiful one i had seen and the flowers were exactly how i had imagined.  even though i didn't know anything about flowers or names, denise found exactly what i was describing to her.  from going above and beyond to find the color of the flowers and chair ties/bows i had envisioned in my head, to making it a reality, it truly was magical to see everything in person!  i got endless compliments on the set up throughout the wedding and still getting emails constantly.  some friends posted photos from the event and everyone keeps telling me that the wedding looks like it came out of a magazine.  it was perfect!
not only did they deliver beautifully on the flowers and set up, but the extra mile that denise went made a big and wonderful impression on me.  it was denise that came to me, got me water, and was genuinely concerned and made sure i was being taken care of before walking down the aisle. if denise is any indication of the warm, smart, and talented team they have at euforia, i would highly recommend all brides use them! 
i want to have another event just to work with denise and see more euforia creations!!! 



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