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By emswadling, · 385 Views · 1 Comment

Our experience with Photographyarte Studio exceeded all our expectations. We met the team prior to our wedding and they put us completely at ease, explaining what to expect on the day. They were friendly and professional at all times and were suitably inobtrusive during the ceremony. We had lots of fun afterwards where they did a photography session with a difference, combining classic and imaginative shots, capturing the magic of our special day. We were extremely pleased with the end result and are very thankful to Photographyarte Studio for all their hard work and efforts.

1 Comment

Did you have any delayed response from them? I was trying to book them, but every email takes at least a week to get a response. I'm getting amrried February 22, 2013 and need to figure this out ASAP. I'm not sure if this slow respone time should worry me or not. Thanks!


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