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Pros: Great quality-price, amazing end product, very professional
Cons: Nothing

how to start such great things in here? well first of all we compared around 15 photographers, some from the States and other from Mexico, we narrowed down to just 3 based on the picture style, when we decide to go for Luckie Photography then we look at the prices to see if what we can afford the photographer we wanted, it is easy we need to focus on quality more than price, then we realized we can not afford Luckie Photography, so sad right!? well we end up thinking that there is no way to have a great wedding and have not good images to remember that day, so we decide to make an effort to save some money and go for Luckie Photography, at this point Ivan was flexible, fast responsive, kind and very professional.


During the event Ivan and his team got, OMG!, no kidding!, all we wanted and more in such an artistic way, great composition, fantastic moments and during the session, I do not know how, but the most beautiful shoots!!, I remember she did not decide on 6 or 8 hours for the wedding service, so Ivan did a very detail wedding photography plan based on what we had in that time, so thanks to this we could get the best for our special day!, well we just print some pictures and gosh they look amazing! also he helped us suggesting a good place for print them and Ivan sent us a beautiful enlargement, sooo fine!!!.


I have nothing else to say, I think it is really clear than I am recommend LuckiePhotography so much!




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