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Riveria Maya Corridor
Wonderful Wedding Experience!
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Abby V

By Abby V, · 1,178 Views · 6 Comments

Hey everyone! I was married at the OCT on December 14, 2011 outside on the lobby terrace. This resort is so great, it really is. The entertainment is wonderful! There is always something going on every night ie. beach parties, make your own martini night, tequila tasting, casino night in the lobby, karoke in the lobby...I could go on, and on. We stayed for 17 days and there were enough a-la-carte restaurants that we never got tired of the food. Even the buffet does a theme night 7 days a week. There are 4 pools - a kid's pool, an activity pool, a party pool (the one with the pool bar) and a quiet pool (on the priveledge side that anyone can use). I HIGHLY recommend the 45 minute walk to Puerto Morelos. It is such a great little town!! Along the way, massages on the beach get cheaper and cheaper. Right outside PM you can have a 1 hour couples beach massage for $25 (you could talk them down to $20). Also, snorkling in PM is only $20 for 2 hours! Some of the people who offer snorkelling seem a little sketchy, but we went with Crispy Bacon (his name is crispy, but everyone calls him crispy bacon), and he was an amazing swimmer and we felt very secure with him. There are all kinds of little shops in PM and they are BY FAR cheaper than the vendors that visit the resort on Friday night and the ones you visit if you choose to take the free Cancun shopping trip. Coco Bongo is a MUST. I really wasn't interested in going, but it was an amazing show!!!!!!! I'm quite certain our guests enjoyed that the most. The show was absolutely mind-blowing!


Now, about the wedding. Ana (who I arranged everything through) and Karen (who were there the day of) were so accommodating! They were very calm and organized and maintained great contact. They have a desk in the lobby, so they're always easy to find if you have any questions. I literally had to do nothing. They arrange everything and show up to pick you up the day of. The hair and make up included in the package were great! It was exactly what I wanted (I brought a pic and my hair extensions). We booked Juan Navarro as our wedding photographer and we are amazed by our pictures. He was VERY affordable and we opted for the package with the photobook. The photobook is such great quality with the very thick (almost cardboard-like) pages and some really cool effects. Our wedding wasn't anything fancy. Outside on the lobby terrace is much more private than I had expected. Ok, so now the food...we opted for the beef wellington meal...everyone RAVED about it. It was SOOOOO good!!! They really put extra effort and detail into preparing the meals for the wedding. I should mention that we opted for the most expensive package (the one with the outdoor reception). I just couldn't imagine having it at one of the restaurants. Our reception was very private. People inside the lobby can see you, but you don't even notice because you're having so much fun! So the package with the outdoor reception comes with servers and they're always making sure you have something to drink. They often would make a tray of drinks and serve them, so you had new drinks to try. Oh, and we opted for the cocktail hour which was great! Our guests had snacks and a place to hang out while we were off taking pictures.


All in all, we had a blast at our wedding and throughout our stay at this resort. If you would like any additional information, or pictures, please feel free to ask. My email address is abby_villeneuve7@hotmail.com and I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. I found it difficult to find information about this resort and often resorted to this forum for information and now it's time for me to give back! :D. I wish you all a very happy wedding at OCT!! Here is a link to our pics on our photographers website http://www.juanphotos.com/blog/weddings/ocean-coral-turquesa-destination-wedding-abby-hugh-puerto-morelos-riviera-maya-q-roo-mexico-2/


Here are some other pictures you may find useful in trying to envision the lobby terrace ceremony and reception.


On our way!



Walking down the aisle



Exchanging rings



Now a Mrs.



The cake



In the background is the table (we opted for one large rectangular table due to small size) and bar



You can kind of see the overall layout in the background of this pic




Thank you Abby for the fabulous review. . us OCT brides wait for these reviews and are always delighted when we hear comments like these! Helps settle our nerves! Did you guys have a DJ? If so was he DJ Nicolas Cano and was he good?


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Beautiful wedding! Your dress reminds me of mine :) Wishing you all the best, xoxo!


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Oh wow! You're review makes me even more excited about our OCT wedding this May! Thank you!


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You were such a beautiful bride! I was so nervous about booking this resort for my upcoming wedding, until I read your review. I would also like to know did you use a DJ?


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Awesome review! Thank you so much for making other brides planning a little easier for providing so much information :)


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