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We hired this photography company for our Azul Beach wedding. They were the most amazing photographers in so many ways!!
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Azul Wedding

By Azul Wedding, · 279 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Each photo was taken so uniquely, they all look stunning. They are fun, easy to work with, energetic, communicate well, used different lighting..
Cons: The pictures we had were put on a DVD not a CD so when I went to get copies made, some nearby places cannot read the disc because it was on a DVD.

I absolutely adore this photography company. They are so creative in their ideas for where to take pictures, what lighting to use, how they want the poses to look. Each and every picture they took turned out fabulous and very unique. The quality, meaning the brightness, of the photographs are STUNNING. The brightest colors I have ever seen. The man we worked with was so kind, funny, outgoing, patient. He really fit in perfectly with our wedding party/guests! Our wedding pictures came in a very nice photo album, already done. It was so perfect...I am glad that I will forever remember our wedding as clearly as I do because I have such great pictures and memories from this company. The price is worth every penny and I highly recommend this company to anyone getting married in Mexico. I live in Wisconsin and wish I had some direction on who to chose for our wedding photos in Mexico. These photographers were professional and really enjoy making your wedding pictures look perfect. =)


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