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The best day of my life capture as we all wish!!!
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Ivan Luckie

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By jell, · 229 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: ALL
Cons: NONE

we are writing brief testimonial of what we had and how was it on our best day of out life, we had Ivan as our photographer and we are thrilled, his work is great, we got amazing moments, beautiful portraits, he got all we needed.


we were not sure if we would want to spend that money in pictures, we almost go with the resort photographer at the last minute we hire Ivan and we do not regret, actually, we feel like "Thank you God"!! we did this important decision, we do not play to get married again (hope so :) ) and  memories are so important now for our family that any money would worth to spend for beautiful pictures


Thank you Ivan and Anell for the hardwork!!!!! we LOVE you guys!!!!


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