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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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By EileenHil, · 82 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: nothing will go wrong,

There are some really talented individual photographers out there.The thing that is so great about Caribbean Emotions is that this Team its extremely talented. Michael and Pascal are friendly, professional and extremely efficient. Our photos are phenomenal. We have actually submitted a number of them to local wedding magazines and blogs for small contests. You could probably find an amazing photographers (freelance) to do your wedding, but by using Caribbean Emotions you have a guarantee that really nothing will go wrong, and on your wedding day that's a nice thing to have. Oh, and they have really great package deals for a great price. I only wish I had also hired them to do my videography! I had two Photographers,Michael and Pascal made us really happy! I really had a small wedding in Aruba but we had Pascal and Michael for 48 hours.This was the best choice.

Thank's to Caribbean Emotions.

Eileen and Jason






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