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Del Sol is the BEST
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Del Sol Photography

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By Toronto_Bride, · 331 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything about the experience is perfect
Cons: Cost - but it's the one thing that you'll have forever

First - my apologies for being so late with this review.  I just wanted to thank Sol for the absolutely amazing photos of our wedding at Dreams Tulum.  The entire Del Sol team has an incredible ability to capture the emotion of your wedding and the very best part is that you hardly know that they are there.  We did some group pose shots, but the vast majority of photos were spontaneous and a treasure forever.  They really captured the moments (getting ready, walking down the aisle, rings, post-wedding celebration) and I couldn't recommend them more highly.  The cost is high, but face it, after the wedding all you have are the rings, the photos and your memories, so in my estimation it was a great investment.  Looking back, I would have no hestitation to make the same decision again.  THANKS SOL and TEAM!!!!


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