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Juan Carlos Tapia~ Absolutely The Best
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Juan Carlos Tapia Photographer - Los Cabos, Mexico

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Pros: Professional, Talented, Artisitc, Creative

I would like to take a few minutes to write a long overdue review for Juan Carlos Tapia. This review has taken me so long to write because it is honestly very hard to put into words how outstanding this photographer really is.
I will start by saying that I feel very qualified to write this review because I used Juan not once, but twice. And both times I had outstanding experiences with him. I am sure I am an unorthodox bride. And yes, I admitted in a forum that I did this twice. But after having Juan shoot my first wedding, I was spoiled with his photos. I could not imagine comparing any other pictures to his. I knew I would have felt cheated and had a lot of regret if  I settled for a sub par photographer. So after a lot of on line research, and little luck, I called Juan hoping he knew someone that he could recommend in the Riviera Maya.
It was an extremely tough call to make to say the least. To call and tell Juan that, although he shot beautiful photos, the marriage just didn't work out. Not only was Juan professional, but he was also extremely empathetic to my situation. And to my surprise, instead of giving me a recommendation he said that he would personally fly to our wedding to photograph our special day. I remember standing in my kitchen hearing him tell me that he was able to make the trip. I felt so much joy that my eyes literally filled with tears. This may seem silly to be filled with so much emotion over a photographer, but I truly mean it when I say that he is simply the best.
 Juan's attention to detail is simply amazing. He has a this creative edge that I have never seen in any other photographer's work. Juan is a perfectionist and will go to extreme lengths to get "the perfect shot". A photo shoot for Juan must require him to be in pretty great shape. I know this because I have seen him run, lay in brush and scale walls. Nothing stands between Juan and a great photo opportunity. Juan refuses to settle, and his work is proof of that. His photography style is truly an art and his photos are breathtaking. In my opinion, his level of talent would be tough to match.

Planning a wedding from a different country can be tough. However, Juan is extremely easy to communicate with, and his level of professionalism is remarkable. I had many questions, and he was very easy for me to reach throughout my entire year of planning. Juan was very prompt to return a call or to respond to an email. He made me feel very comfortable (and very confident in my choice to book him, yet again.) Even though I was many many miles away, I knew we were going to be in great hands with Juan.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have a found such an elite photographer. As I look at the photos I realize that he captured that special day just as it happened, unedited, all while making us feel very much at ease.
I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across Juan the first time. I feel even more blessed to have had the opportunity to have had our paths cross again. Juan Carlos has become so much more than my photographer, I am proud to call him my friend. Thank you Juan, you helped make our special day magical!


Nicole Whiteford

*Please feel free to personally contact me (717) 858-7459 if I could help answer any additional questions regarding Juan.


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