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By tdavis, · 620 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Good food, Great service, Friendly faces, Beautifully decorated, Rooms kept extra clean and always left with a cute decorative towel
Cons: Limited options on resort credit

This was our first time staying at a Palace Resort. We chose Sun Palace because they met our needs for our wedding ceremony and honeymoon. We payed for 8 nights and a couple months before our trip, we received an email saying we won an additional 3 nights. So we ended up staying for 11 nights. We LOVED it! The pools are beautiful and the ocean will make you speechless with the soft white sand and baby blue color. The rooms are all setup really nice and they keep them extra clean. Room service was really good. We had breakfast delivered to our room every morning. It was the PERFECT wake up call. Their food was really good but I must say we got a little bored with the three restaurants after 11 nights. We actually went to Cancun Palace two nights to eat at their restaurant called Zen. It's a really good hibatchi restaurant. Our resort had an Italian Restaurant, Steak House and Asian Restaurant. They were all amazing! Oh and sometimes you hear people say not drink the water, etc but everything is good at the resort and will not make you sick. So don't worry!


Now on to the spa... Everything is great. We did their massage, body scrub, facial, mani, pedi and updo for wedding ceremony. I can't say one bad thing about any of it. Everything was just amazing and perfect.


And as for our wedding... WOW! They did a perfect job creating everything I asked for. The decorations were BEAUTIFUL, my bouquet was gorgeous, the cake was delicious, the setup was everything we wanted and more. The videography was PERFECT! We love love love our video. He did such a great job with it and edited it perfectly. Our wedding coordinator was amazing. Commuinication in the beginning was a little questionable because the response wasn't as quick as I hoped. But they really put all their attention on their current wedding so the bride and groom are completely happy.  When it is three months before your wedding, the emails will happen more quickly. They will create everything you ask for. Once our communication started, I can't complain. She was on top of everything and answered all my questions and gave me peace when I got worried over details. It all worked out better than expected.


I highly recommend Palace Resorts ESPECIALLY for a wedding. They all turn out beautiful. We can't wait to plan our next vacation there :)


Here our of wedding pictures and trash the dress photo shoot done by Ivan Luckie...



Thank you for your review!!!! :) You looked amazing!!! Glad to hear everything went off without a hitch! :)


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Sooo glad to finally hear about a Sun Palace wedding! How was the ceremony? My WC just sent me the civil script and I'm not excited about it at all...did they follow it exactly? She said we can't make any changes to it :(


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Hello there!

Ive just sent in a request for a wedding at the Sun Palace in March '13. Your review sounds AmAzing! Im curious to see if you have another link to the photos as it says the link has expired... Thank you!



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