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An amazing experience with Del Sol Photography
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Del Sol Photography

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By mcclosk2, · 496 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professionalism and creativity.
Cons: That we are too far to use them all the time!


I think one of the hardest choices that most couples deal with in planning their wedding, let alone a destination wedding, is choosing a photographer.  Talking with friends and their experiences, the wedding photographer was by far one of the sorest points for many of them.  Even though they had spent several thousand dollars, in many cases so many of them were disappointed with the photos and the overall experience of working with their photographer.  It’s absolutely frightening to think that you could spend a large amount of money and hate the result.  Even more so, with a destination wedding, the photos you get are one of the only things you have to share the moments of your day with the friends and family who were unable to attend.


Because of this, your wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of your destination wedding, you need to find photographers who are amazing artists, but most of all, professional and responsible business people.


Matt, Sol, and the rest of the team exemplify those traits.


We spent a lot of time researching photographers in the Riviera Maya region, and time and time again, we kept coming back to Del Sol.  Neither my wife nor I feel we’re photogenic, we hate getting our photos taken.  But the one thing we started to realize was that Del Sol wasn’t in the business of selecting naturally beautiful and photogenic people, these were just normal people, like us, and Del Sol managed to bring out everybody’s best.  Smart lighting, being proactive in getting the right angle, not missing the key moments, that was what they were doing that we didn’t see in some of the other photographer portfolios.


So after much deliberation, we decided to sign a contract with Del Sol about 9 months prior to our wedding.  We had originally contacted them about 3 months earlier and kept in touch while going through our decision process, evaluating La Luna, the different associate photographers that work with Del Sol, etc…  In the end we requested Sol for our wedding, and then once we were sure the finances allowed it, added the TTD with Matt.  At the last minute, we extended from 5 hours to 6 hours and there weren’t any issues.


For anybody who does the cost evaluations and feels that lump in their stomach at the total numbers, it’s OK, we were there too!  But in the end, working with Del Sol was absolutely worth it and we felt like we had gotten a tremendous value.  The sheer volume of amazing photos, the entire day was captured.  Our friends and family who weren’t there, they all felt like they were able to live the day with us through the photos.  Most importantly, my wife and I, who usually hate photos of ourselves, LOVED so many of our photos of the two of us.  Matt and Sol give great direction and feedback, they envision the results and help work with you to make it happen.


Overall, a great experience, and an incredible journey.


Our wedding: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=526

Our TTD: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=527


Our wedding was at Excellence Playa Mujeres, and all of our friends and family stayed there.  We were also really happy to be able to bring in Sol’s sister Sara Tamargo, of ST Makeup Artistry to do the makeup for the women.  Much like Sol, Sara is an amazing artist in her medium and the results were incredible for the ladies!








We had a pretty standard beach and sand ceremony, the wind was gusting strongly and the sun was in our eyes, but the important thing was Sol and Juan grabbed some really touching moments from the ceremony and after.







After the ceremony, we had no idea where we were going.  So we walked north and went exploring to find some great post ceremony shots.  We came across EPM’s Villa Balam-Ha which provided a great setting for some shots of just us.








It’s amazing how fast they work; the ceremony was at 4 pm, and cocktail was at 5.  We were back just after the cocktail started.  Time enough to grab some quick drinks and give the wife one of her wedding surprises before the 6pm dinner!









One of my most memorable moments will be watching Sol running like a bat out of hell and scrambling to get us all together.  She didn’t say much, just, “PERFECT LIGHT! PERFECT LIGHT! PERFECT LIGHT!” while running and pointing at the beach.  As the sun was just setting, we went running back to the beach and we managed to get this dramatic shot to finish out the daylight.






It was an awesome way to kick off dinner and the receptio. So many memories, so many great moments were captured.









Best.  Time.  Ever.

And we relive it every time we see the amazing photos from Del Sol.  We can’t imagine anybody else having done our photos.


















Oh, you didn’t think we were done, did you? :-)


We moved from EPM down to the Royale Playa del Carmen to be closer to Del Sol for our TTD and spend a little time in PDC.  The day before our move, news came of potential evacuations due to Hurricane Rina.  At the time it was still a category 2 storm and was on a direct course for the Riviera Maya.  We managed to get down to PDC without issue, and get into our hotel.  We touched base with Matt and they were still committed to the shoot if a) there were no evacuations of PDC or safety risks and b) we were game.  The day of the shoot was when Rina made landfall.  It was a tropical storm by that point, so there were no evacuations and Matt and Sol were excited to shoot.  We were excited to do it too!

It was great to see that they were so excited to take the challenge, to go out in the middle of the storm and risk the elements damaging their equipment.  I think they did lose a couple remote flashes after the moisture got to them.  As Matt said, it’s job hazard, but it’s worth it to get the shot.  We couldn’t agree more!








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