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Beautiful memories from our Mayan Riviera Wedding!
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Sascha Gluck Photographer - Cancun, Mexico

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By Avens, · 340 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: So many ideas! Pro! Affordable for the incredible quality
Cons: He lives to far away to have done an engagement sess :)

Sascha Gluck and his assistant Misael photographed our wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace on Jan. 12, 2012.  They were amazing!


The photography was something that was important to me, since we had many friends and family that weren't able to attend. After many hours and days of researching, getting quotes etc. we narrowed it down and booked Sascha (more than a year in advance).


He was very easy to communicate with, and an absolute professional. He used paypal, which made paying for things easy (instead of having a giant wad of cash to carry around).


We booked Sascha for 6 hours on the day of the wedding, paid for his hotel room overnight, then had another 2 hour TTD session the next day.


I sent him an email a few days before with our updated schedule for the day, a list of "posey" pictures with family that our moms wanted, and our room number.  (Pro tip, make sure you tell your photographer the proper room number! I told Sascha 6887 instead of 8667.  Luckily I also included pretty detailed instructions how to get there, and he happened to be walking by when one of my bridesmaids left the room.)


Him and Misael were quite early - and I don't know the exact time, but I'm sure they stayed later the 6 hours as well. 


Sascha had SO MANY creative ideas.  Between ways to stand for the bridesmaid/groomsmen type pictures, to action shots, and using reflections and lighting.  The hubby and I are not very photogenic and had no idea what we were doing - but in some of the shots - you wouldn't know it!


He provided constructive feedback when we were posing, and when he was taking action shots - you barely knew he was there - yet looking back through the pictures - we were like "How did he get that shot!"  He captured a lot of special moments that a regular photographer might have missed.  We also love how he used the beautiful natural surroundings as a focal point in some of the pictures.


Our sneak peak on his blog post is here http://cancunphotosblog.com/jaimee-ryan-barcelo-maya-palace/

Make sure you check it out, I put different photos at the bottom.


We received our "proof" pictures online the other day from Sascha, and there are so many amazing shots! Another great thing about Sascha is that we get ALL of them. No picking and choosing. As we were flipping through them, I believe the hubby's exact words were


"Holy $#@&, he's good, isn't he?"


From a man that doesn't usually say to much, that's a pretty big compliment.


All in all, our experience with Sasha was really good.  We have a ton of beautiful memories to share, and it was even painless, and dare I say fun? To capture them all.


















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Your pictures are AMAZING. I've emailed Sascha already hoping his available and not ridiculously expensive. Fingers crossed!


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