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By noelles, · 506 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: excellent communication, great personalities, flare for the original I could go on
Cons: have none as yet

We were married Feb 1 2012.  Juan and Deborah covered our wedding, we were joking it was like having paparazzi, no moment was missed, these are two very dedicated professionals who have a ton of fun with what they do.  We are definitely a strange group of people and they rolled with our weirdness perfectly.  If you want something outside the box, incredible and to show who you are these are the people to call.  They are pricey, but when the wedding is over the cake is cut and the meal is eaten this is going to be how you recall those moments.  I lost my first husband to a fire, from that amazing wedding all I have left is the photographs and I cherish them.  For us for this experience for this opportunity to capture this moment these are the only people I would have trusted.


On to the trash the dress with Sol...I simply have no words, this was a bucket list experience.  Sol gave me the freedom to be a mermaid, to show my love for my husband in a completely unique way, she showcased my wedding in a totally clear way, gave light to who we are and how we feel.  We were relaxed carefree and had a blast, Sol understood my health concerns and took care of me.  I can't say enough about how impressed I am.


To the ladies having the TTD, yup my dress was expensive, a beautiful demetrios gown, you know what that means, we were full in the cenote there was mud and leaves and grass all over it, and I sent it to the laundry at the resort and it came back like it never happened.  fresh water and dirt wash out very nicely


Gracias Noelle!!! Your review means a lot! We truly enjoyed documenting your wedding and ttd :) and wish you all the best!! Saludos from Playa!


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