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Las Caletas... a Dream :)
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By kya101, · 665 Views · 2 Comments

Ok.... where to begin :) lol Las Caletas was amazing.... AMAZING!!!!


Myself, 3 bridesmaids and 2 moms headed over the Marina at 8:20 the morning of and were greeted right away by Annie. We got to board the catamaran first before the other tourist, which was a huge plus means there was a disney cruise in port and TONS of people going over the LC. We had some "breakfast" on the boat ride over and then got first dibs on having massages once we arrived. The massages were amazing, all my girls LOVED them... totally worth it, but we only did 1/2 hour and I would say 1 hour would be too long and take away from other things to explore while over there early. With that said the day goes way too fast.


Next we filled up the jacuzzi and enjoyed the champange and fruit until lunch arrived at the Casita. Lunch was soooo good, honestly to best meal I had in Puerto Vallarta!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! I ate WAY too much, but my dress still fit!!! LOL


Alright, next we decided to start get showering and get ready for the hair/make-up guy. This was the first hiccup of the day, he was suppose to be there at 1:30 because he was alone and had to do all of us. AND he was late because there was an accident and couldn't make it to the boat, but he did make it around 2:45... it was a serious rush to get us all done and I wasn't even done when the guests and boys arrived. Talk about freak out!!! BUT it all worked out and I still can't get over how awesome we all looked. My hair and make-up were way better than I expected.


Ok onto the next hiccup, notice I call them hiccups because they didn't ruin anything, they were just "speed Bumps". Ok so while the first girl is getting make-up done Annie comes up to tell me that the flowers for fiance and ring bearer's (my son) bouts come in ruined. Ahhhh.... I kinda had the image in my head of them with THOSE flowers. Boooo, so Annie took my down to where they were getting the flowers ready to show me what else I could chose. I took my mom and one bridesmaid with me and they helped me pick new ones. Which in the end my son ended up wrecking both of them before the ceremony anyway. LOL Have to laugh it off... oh well.


Before I get to the ceremony, I will give me review of Annie. Annie is super nice, I really like her as a person. I was a little disappointed with the communication 2 weeks before the wedding. I expected to hear back from her right away, same day or at least next, but that wasn't always the case. I can live with this though, I am a very understanding person and know that she was working on 8 other wedding before mine. Life goes on. The day of she was really good to check in with us at the Casita and even let us use her cell to call my brother to get into my mom's room and get some stuff we forgot and she even got on the phone for us when the front desk person didn't understand us. The only time I was disappointed with Annie was after the ceremony and dinner when the reception started.... it seemed like she disappeared. Amillo on the other hand (the Tour guide/DJ/MC) was AWESOME!!!! He really made our night. Every one of our guests loved him and he really went out his way to make our night amazing!!!! He even ran across LC to where Rhythms was going on to get milk for my son. Love Amillo, cannot say enough good things about him.


CEREMONY!!!! WOW.... our ceremony was a dream. Seriously everyone cried, not a dry seat in the house. I married my best friend, nothing else mattered! Hey my make-up even survived all the tears!! Chuy is great, did everything we asked, which included not putting the mic near my husband because he has "public" speaking issues :) Chuy did a great job.


Diner- WOW... LOVE the food at LC, always have always will. Trust me there is food to suit everyone. I am a picky eater and I loved everything!!! We did not have speeches, just my husband thanked everyone kinda thing. Next was the CAKE. This was the only detail that really matter to me LOL. I have a serious sweet tooth and thing for cakes. We had a picture of the cake we wanted and Annie had it out-sourced to be made. It was perfect, I loved it and it tasted amazing. The only thing that I was dissappointed with was that I assumed for the price I paid I would get to keep the shells and stuff from off the cake, but they were nowhere to be found after :( Boooo Oh well, not a huge deal.


Music was great- DJ did awesome, loved Amillo. He added a few songs for some of the older guests and it was perfect everyone was dancing and having a great time!


It was then time to head back to the boat, but wait what about my bouquet and garter toss????? I went and talked to Amillio about it, couldn't find Annie, and he worked it out and we did it then headed for the boat, which worked out better because we had everyone's attention to head back to the boat.


Head to the boat everyone!!!! Wait what the heck, I have to carry all my bags to the boat and clear off the favours and stuff from the tables  I was REALLY not impressed with this. Guests were already heading to the boat and I had no help!!!! Thank god for Amillio once again!!! He helped me and got my husband so he could help me too. I was not happy about this, but it did not ruin my night. I am pretty laid back and wouldn't have minded taking our own stuff back, but would have liked to know before so I could've had the groomsmen help. Oh well done and over, not the end of the world.


We got back on the boat, had music, drinks and even did shots!! It was an amazing day, the best day of my life next to having my son :) Sorry this was soooo long. I was trying to get everything without taking too long. Las Caletas is a magical place, it's the surroundings and people you share it with that make it, not a wedding planner, DJ, or anything else. As far as I am concerned you make it what is, just go with it and enjoy every minute and know that no matter what you are marrying your best friend and anything else is just a detail. :) Hope this is helpful, not hurtful :) And if any future brides have ANY questions or anything just ask, I am here to help you now :)





Kya sounds like we had the same "hiccups" . WCs disapper after dinner, I was also scrambling asking bridesmaids to clear things off table, never did bouquet toss (I didnt want to do garter ). After clearing everyhting I did get everything except my written vows...oh well at least I will have the video of me reading them.


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