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Playa del Carmen
A perfect destination wedding in Playa
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Hotel Las Palapas | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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By Sarah6ft2, · 645 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Incredible Staff, Gorgeous Grounds, Great Location, Great Food, Comfy Beds, Lovely Beach
Cons: None

Where to begin with Las Palapas!??!! My husbands Aunt and Uncle recommend this place hands down when we asked for a recommendation. We told them we wanted a small hotel where our guests could make up the majority of the hotel guests, and a hotel with a bit of a rustic Carribean feel - you know, palm trees, white sand beaches, aqua water, and cabanas with no TV's. Las Palapas exceeded our expectations. For two people who had never been to Playa del Carmen, this place was awesome! Lush grounds full of gorgeous palm trees and other native trees, and wildlife, with a bunch of white cabanas with thatch roofs and private hammocks on the porches. And it is located right on bustling 5th St - the heart of Playa del Carmen (at least it seemed to us). You'd never know you were right next to city center unless you ventured off the property.

The staff was lovely as well- very accommodating, helpful, and eager to please. We arrived the week after a hurricane to get married. The place was already back to perfect. The owner and staff provided us everything we needed to pull off our perfect wedding. And they did it basically in two days. My husbands Aunt and Uncle had visited with the owner months before we got there and told us that everything was taken care of, that we would just have to pick out details once we got there. We sat down with the wedding coordinator, on Thursday before the wedding. We decided where to have it, (3 choices for our size wedding), what the tables would look like and their size, what food would be served, what booze would be served, where the buffet was to be set up, where the altar and ceremony was going to be, what it would look like, how many chairs we wanted, how we wanted our guests to enter the ceremony area, flowers for tables, what the DJ would play, what the mariachi band would play, etc. Hearing wedding planning stories from my friends who had gotten married in the States, I must say I was a little nervous that these details had not been worked out before hand, but the owner kept telling us not to worry, it would all get taken care of. And boy, did they exceed our expectations. I highly recommend everyone get married outside of the States if it is going to be that stress free! I sent invitations and organized a website long before we got down there, but other than that really didn't have to worry too much about the wedding! We had been given a price list of what things would cost when we first contacted the hotel months before, so going into the meeting two days before the wedding we had an idea of what the wedding would cost us. For 49 people, it was very reasonable. And we even made modifications to the wedding as it was going on and saw our guests were drinking more tequila than anticipated. We hadn't origninally planned on paying for booze, just wine and beer. Considering how much tequila was flowing, we asked the bartender to put it on our tab, and that was no problem either.

Everyone that went tremendously enjoyed the wedding and the hotel. There is even rumors of going back for our Anniversary on a yearly basis, just because our guests enjoyed Las Palapas soo much! We loved this place, and if no one else joins us, we will be going back on a regular basis just to enjoy the hotel some more!

Check out some of the wedding pics from Del Sol (also an amazing vendor - check them out for sure as well!!!) to get a glimpse of how fantastic the place was:


1 Comment

Very Helpful Review Sarah! Especially appreciate the kind words you posted about del Sol! I know this will help other brides plan, very thorough and we LOVE Las Palapas!




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