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Most amazing wedding photos EVER!
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La Luna Photography

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By Tmbarnes, · 490 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Very good value (2 photographers!), amazing imagry. Photos really tell the story of my wedding!
Cons: Its not the photographers fault that the sun sets super fast in Mexico. We started to run out of light for group photos:(

Its all about the couple! La Luna is amazing at capturing every single moment of the day! Jonathon & his assistant, Melissa, hit the ground running! They were with the bride & groom a littler earlier then expected and snapping away! They also saw that our guests had a surprise for us as they were all packed up and leaving...well, they unpacked and snapped shots so that we could have the memories. I am so grateful for that!! Jonathon is amazing! He has such an eye for detail and light imagery. I've never seen anything like it! They really know how to maximize their time with the Bride and her maids which is great! I am so pleased with my pictures and have been getting amazing reviews on them! Please take a look below if you are curious! The price listed above was for 6hrs with 2 photographers!





Best luck on your decisions!




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