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Will we ever get to see our video?
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MediaMorfosis Cinematography

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By FutureMrsG, · 613 Views · 6 Comments

Pros: unique, aristic video, easy to work with
Cons: turnover time

On our wedding day, Christian Pinto came with 2 other videographers.  They were with us for most of the day.  I have not seen the video yet but I have no doubt it will be phenomenal given his other work.  I was pleasantly surprised by how uncrowned I felt by both Christian and Claudia’s group.  With 5 people total shooting photo and video that day I figured it would feel like my own hired paparazzi.  Looking back on the wedding, I don’t even remember them shooting me or getting in the way at all.  Working with them felt natural.


It has been almost 11 months since our wedding and we have heard almost nothing from mediamorfosis.  We have not gotten our short or long video yet.  I have e-mailed them multiple times and was told once that they were in Spain and would get back to me as soon as they got back. After I didn't hear back I e-mailed them again and was simply told that when it would be ready my husband and I would be the first to know.  At this point, most of my family and friends are doubtful we will ever get the video.  That would be a big shame since we already paid in whole.  I am still optimistic that one day we will actually receive it.


Have you received your video since this posting? I am considering booking them for our wedding day but am concerned after reading some reviews although I really like their work.


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I am concerned about my wedding video as well. I have not heard from them at all and it has been almost 8 months. I have sent e-mails, but no response. Getting very worried that I may never get my video.


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Desiree, just wondering how long after your wedding did you receive your video? I don't think anybody on here wants to "rush perfection", but when you do not even receive the courtesy of an e-mail of when you can expect your video, quite frankly it is rude. Especially, when you have a signed contract with an end date to receive the video.


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Has anyone here received their wedding video??? It's been 13 months and we still don't have ours yet. Chrisitan emailed me back in February stating that it was ready but they were waiting for boxes to send it in the mail and I emailed him back about it and have emailed a few more times since and they have not responded.


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