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Puerto Vallarta
10.01.11 wedding
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Barcelo Puerto Vallarta

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By debrox, · 1,059 Views · 6 Comments

Pros: lovely resort, great food, views, and staff
Cons: coordinators were in transition, unprofessional florist.

My family and I had a great time at the resort. We picked this resort after visiting earlier in the year and falling in love with the intimacy of the place, the grounds were beautiful, the rooms were nice, and the food was awesome. For my hubby and I that was the most important for us since he is a chef and I am also in the hospitality business. 

We were planning our special day with Paty who was very responsive to our emails and questions. Two weeks before the wedding we were trying to finalize all the details when I had not heard from Paty.


I was starting to get worried, but convinced myself that they would pull it together because whether they like it or not we were coming to get married and we were bringing 50 people with us.


One week before, we decided to call, because we had yet to finalize the menu, the flowers, more importantly the flowers. We call and ask for Paty to find out that she was no longer there.


The new coordinator, assured us that all the details would be taken care of.  We felt at ease with the new coordinator and our biggest concern was with their florist who is an outside contractor. She did not seem


The day of the wedding, I felt the coordinator could have done a better job at making sure the little details would have been taken care of, instead I was running around not relaxing. 

The florist was another ordeal, my sister being a florist received the flowers when they arrived- dead. The flowers that I paid extra for were dead. Arrived dead in warm water, granted it was very humid, but I expect the flowers to be alive. The coordinator offered to order more flowers at an additional charge. My sister who was also my MOH had the gardeners cut flowers from the garden and put some centerpieces together for me. 

Another minor detail that could have been handle better was the escort cards. It was to windy to put the escort cards on the table and so they did not set them out. However I did not find out until I was trying to take pictures after the ceremony and everyone was standing around.

It was details like this that I wish the coordinator would have really come through. In the end it was not the way we had planned or even imagine but it was perfect because what really matter was that we were married in front of 50 of our closest friends and family members.


I understand that the new coordinator had barely been there a week when we got married, but there is a General Manager of Hotel or somebody in charge that could have spoken to us to ensure that things would work out or apologize for the stress that they put me through.


In summary, food great, resort great, drinks awesome. Coordinator lacks experience but really sweet and willing to try. I would suggest that future brides really stay on top of the details that matter to them.

Florist, very unprofessional, I would insist on a new florist.




I'm getting married at this resort in Feb and I didn't know that Paty no longer worked there! I'm also most concerned about the food and if the rooms are comfy. Since you brought so many people there for your wedding, did you get any sort of kickback? Any kind of tips would be so appreciated!!!

PS Congrats on your marriage!


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Congratulations on your wedding!!!

Everyone had a great time! The food is good, rooms are great and they all have some great views!

For us it was cheaper to go through expedia, travelocity, and price line. The discount for the rooms was about 10% and even less for the flight.

The hotel does not have a free shuttle from the airport, but we organize the shuttle for our guests and charge them a small fee and we paid the difference.

The florist was so frustrating, we did not get what we want nor what we paid for.

Overall we had an amazing time! IF you have any more specific questions just message me and I would be more than happy to help you out. IT was so hard to find other barcelo brides and I was so nervous!!!

One thing that I do want to mention, is that the block of time is not enough for an actually reception. We barely had time for dinner and cake, perhaps it was the amount of people we had, not sure.

But please please message me for any other questions, I would LOVE to talk wedding! I actually had a good time planning.



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Hey!! Just wondering if you got the private message I sent you..not to sure if I sent it properly! Hope to talk to you soon!


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Hi! I am getting married here in March! We are having a very small ceremony on the beach. I have been dealing with Aisha, she is very helpful but sometimes you have to ask her the same question a few times before you get the answer. Anyways I just wanted to know if you guys had your ceremony on the beach and if so did they rope it or close it offf for you so there arent ppl walking by?! Its great to find someone who has been married here, gives a little piece of mind! hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi, I am getting married here in Nov! I have also had problems communicating with Aisha. One of the reasons I went with this hotel was their last wedding coordinator, Paty Haro Cruz was so quick and efficient getting back to me. And then she left:( Hopefully Aisha pulls it all together! Congrats on your wedding:)


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I am sure it everything will be fine, just remember that you are marrying the love of your life! It is frustrating when you do not get responses! The way we saw it was, we are coming wether they are ready or not! It is a hotel and they have to pull it together! Don't' worry, again if you have any other questions, ask away!

Happy planning!


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