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HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

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By EleganceNov2011, · 230 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: The whole experience

What can I say? HDC was without a doubt, the best choice I could have made when it came to photography and videography for our wedding!


They arrived on time, was very fun to work with, and was professional while having fun with us!


We have a few photographers in our family, and they were very impressed with the photographer and videographer as well.


We had our wedding on Thursday, November 17, and my matron of honor and I were able to view and make choices regarding prints the next day! I was a little wary with such a quick turnover but with the first picture I saw all the worries melted away. The photos are stunning, and the video makes me teary every time I see it.


Absolutely the best choice for photography! I highly recommend!!!


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