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Pros: Communication, Professionalism, Personalities
Cons: None

I always believed that after the wedding you are left with three things......

The flowers die, the cake is cut and the food is served! But you are left with the husband! The rings! and the photos!


I knew I had the perfect husband, the perfect rings and all I needed were the perfect photos! That was where Derek & Lorena came in to the picture. They were more than perfect.


When I was trying to decide which photographers to use I read their reviews and immediately booked them. I couldn't have been happier. They were very attentive and reactive to every e-mail and question I had. I was also pleased that when I booked Derek & Lorena I knew they would be the actual photographers at the wedding. When I was communicating with other photographers their response time was slower and I didn't feel that personal touch like I did with Derek & Lorena.


I also decided to book Lorena to do my makeup and my mom's makeup for the wedding. Another perfect decision! Lorena had her work cut out for her. My mom had been in the sun and had horrible raccoon eyes! By the time Lorena was done, my mom looked perfect! As far as my makeup, well it was beyond believable. It really popped in the pictures and I couldn't have asked for more. Lorena really did a phenomenal job on both me and my mom.


As far as the pictures....I don't know how to express how completely happy I was with everything. Derek & Lorena didn't miss anything. Having two photographers meant we got different angles at every part of the ceremony. There is a point in the wedding video where you see Derek sneaking around back. When I got the pictures and could see where he was and the angle that he got, it just made the pictures that much more amazing.


When we were done we had four cd's full of photos. There wasn't one moment during the preparation, the wedding or the reception that was missed. We have it all. They really captured the essence of who we are and what we wanted out of our wedding.


Our friends and families even commented on how great Derek and Lorena were during the wedding and reception. Not only were they professional but they were also FUN. They fit in perfectly with our party. They put all of our guests at ease and it really showed in the pictures. You could see that everyone was relaxed and having fun.


On a final note, prior to the wedding when I was going through my budget I was talking to my mom about hiring a photographer. My mom told me that I should just use the hotel photographer. "They would be fine." I didn't want "fine". I wanted something more. So I decided I would hire Derek and Lorena instead of listening to my mom. After my wedding my mom told me it was the best decision I made. She said it would have been a shame not to have booked these guys and she was blown away with the results!!!!



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