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Amazing underwater TTD session
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Ivan Luckie

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By prettypigpig, · 435 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: pro, nice, easy going, very patient
Cons: none



I did an underwater TTD session with Ivan Luckie in July, waited for 3 months, and the pics finally came (he is too popular, but the wait was totally worth it)! The pics are AMAZING!


Ok, for someone who can't swim properly, and trying to be relax in the water and outside of the water of million of muzzies (not Ivan's fault, but the weather in July made the muzzies crazy!) Ivan did the impossible!  I looked like a relax sexy mermaid in his pics...instead of a princess in distress drowning in a cenote/ eaten alive by restless mexican muzzies.  His patience is incredible...he gave us all the direction..and we tried every pose like 3-5 times before we got it right.  Appearantly, it is NOT as easy as it appears to be.. to pose under the water...


My colleagues, friends and family are all WOWed by the pics.



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Thank you Bonnie, you did an amazing job posing for a crazy photographer :) seriously this is not an easy job to pose underwater and I know you did your best! :) thank you!!! I need people like you guys!


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