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My Wedding @ Moon Palace 8.26.2011 *PICS*
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By NA2015, · 1,658 Views · 10 Comments

Pros: Gorgeous resort, lots to do, friendly staff, great private event food.
Cons: The Bugs

Room Block: Sunrise Side

Wedding Date/Time: Friday, August 26, 2011, 6:00 PM

Miami Coordinator – Janina Mendoza

Mexico Wedding Coordinator – Kalena

Wedding Package - Complimentary

Welcome Dinner: Terraza Grande (Moon Grand Side)

Ceremony: Catholic Gazebo (Nizuc Side)

Cocktail Hour: Garden Terrace (next to the Catholic Gazebo)

Reception: Laud Ballroom (Nizuc side)

Photographer- Smile Market (Resort Photographer)

Video: Moon Palace videographers

Guest count: 45 including bride & groom


PLANNING PROCESS:  A Went directly with Moon Palace so we could receive all of our benefits and there would be no confusion. The Moon Palace Room Link was easy to use and my guests had no problems booking. I worked with Janina and I felt she did a good job. I am not a crazy bride that called, emailed her like crazy. I would build up all of my questions and send them at once. Normally it would be around 3-4 days, if I had an IMPORTANT question, I would call her and get a quick response.


ARRIVAL A+: We booked our shuttle pick-up with Moon Palace and they charged our room the round-trip fee which our Resort Credits were used to pay for it. If you use them, walk straight out of the airport and to the right, they are wearing RED shirts and Khaki pants. We had no problems at customs and it was a very beautiful airport and no craziness just walk straight out and catch your van/shuttle. We only had 4 pieces of luggage, one with wedding stuff. The ride to the Resort is about 5-10 minutes, it is amazing once you arrive… this place is huge and well maintained. 




CHECK IN A+: Once you arrive, they take your bags and give you luggage check card. Go check in and than go out the door to the bellmen and give them your card with your room number. Check in is really easy. :o) the bellmans are super nice and talkative. We tipped him a few bucks since he showed us key places and pointed out certain areas. Very informative.




ROOMS/RESORT A+: Sunrise Side. We loved the rooms, always clean and they do room cleanup during the day and turn down service at night. Everything is well maintained and air-conditioning is fabulous. Never used the hammock but it was there. :o)  We got upgraded to an ocean view, it was really nice.  BUY BUG SPRAY! Mostly my guests got bitten around the ankles (so I think this is a different bug than the mosquitos) and normal bites at night sometimes.


MOON PALACE SHUTTLES A: The Shuttle from Lobby to Lobby are large tour buses and run every 15 minutes, it sucks to wait sometimes but it is quick. You can walk to the other resorts sides very easily or catch a golfcart at the goldcart stops in between room locations. If you didn’t feel like walking to wherever you were going, you could easily catch a shuttle.


RESORT PROMOTIONS A-: so many options to choose from and some additional ones if you have extra point to use up at the end. Just ask the Guest Services in your lobby. Really Friendly. We used almost all of our 1500 points. Since we booked a ton of room nights, we got all free private events, 7 nights free, and a free room upgrade.

Swim with the Dolphins (Wet N Wild): $149 was charged per person to our room. The Dolphins were $129 and the other $20 was entry into Wet Wild! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. This is a must do. Everything from food and drink is All-Inclusive. The photos they take, you must buy. They place little stickers with numbers on your Wet N Wild bracelet and you can purchase on the way out.  I booked our own shuttle for $79 that picked up 9 of us and then picked us up afterwards. I did this because the Resort has only specific times and we wanted to be there early and leave when we were done.  We did the Jungle Tour also! So much fun.

08-31-2011 09;07;52PM.JPG


08-31-2011 09;10;06PM.JPG


Salon: A Used $89 of my $300 on my hair. Everyone’s hair turned out great but I just needed mine curled and sprayed. My husband wanted my hair down…GO WITH IT UP! I put it up right after our photos.



Spa: A Used the remaining balance for a couples massage and paid the rest at check out. It is a beautiful SPA located at the Gold Course. You catch a golf cart to the left of the lobby and they pick up around the clock. :o)


COORDINATOR MEETING A +++   We were running late to our meeting but the front desk called Kalena and told her we would be right over.  The wedding office is located on the Nizuc side so we caught the Lobby to Lobby shuttle.  Kalena was so adorable, I wanted to put her in my pocket and bring her home. She was very organized and we went over everything we talked about.  I had a suitcase filled with everything for the ceremony and reception. I bubble wrapped everything and labeled what it was and where it went. I also gave her my seating chart as well. I met the DJ service guy, Maurico. Very nice. After our meeting I met with Lupita at Smile Market. We went over our photo services and delivery date of the photos. I left August 30th and I received my photos and video on September 9thAfterwards we walked downstairs to meet up with Lupita and she took use to our locations for our Welcome Dinner, Ceremony and Reception than dropped us off at Sunrise.  We Felt very confident after our meeting.





Restaurants:  We were there for 7 nights.  Breakfast Time we ate either Room Service, Bugamlilas or La Gondala. We loved Room Serivce and Las Gondala.  A+++ Mo-Mo-No-Ha-Na in the Sunrise. SO AMAZING! Everything from food to service. First night dinner.  Palapa Barracuda C  I had to leave dinner early because I was getting eaten alive by bugs. This restaurant is located near the pool on Sunrise and is outside. I was a sweaty mess bc we were by the grills as well.  Welcome Dinner was the Third night. A+  We had the BBQ Buffet. Our guests enjoyed themselves and the food. Again, this was outside and we were eaten alive, we took 3 bottles of OFF and it wasn’t enough. Take oil based like Skintastic, it worked right after one of my guests handed it around. We only ate outside bc we got FIREDANCERS.  They were amazing. Fourth night A+ was the wedding and we did a pick and choose of Plated Menus items. Our wedding food was amazing. Fifth night:  A+ La Trattoria at the Gold Course/Spa. AMAZING. So nice and the view is amazing. Sixth night: A  Arrecifes on the Nizuc Side. So yummy. Kinda like a Tucanos. They bring meat on a stick and you can take some or not. They have a salad/soup bar as well. We bought an upgraded wine that night, used resort credits. Seventh and FINAL night: A+ We did Bambu at the Golf Course, So yummy and loved the service.


Spa: A+++  My husband and I loved our COUPLES Massage. The spa is amazing and located at the Golf Course.


Salon: B  I only needed to curl my hair bc my husband wanted it down for the ceremony and I put it up after the photos for the reception. But my bridesmaids loved their hair.


Room Service: A++++  They were so friendly, always on time and the food was tasty but needed some salt.  We ate Breakfast in bed a few times.


Welcome Dinner: B The location was on the Grand Terrance. So beautiful and completely private. We got the BBQ buffet and everyone enjoyed it. We hired the Firedancers…so amazing. Our guest had no idea, it was a complete surprise for them. They were worth it and make sure if you want them, you have to do it outside. The reason it is a B because, half of my guests got eaten alive. Bring Bug Spray.




Wedding: A +++++++  Absolutely perfect! Kalena had everything taken care of. No stress at all. Phew. We did a Complimentary Package and got Married in the Catholic Gazebo (Air Conditioning). We bought the horse-carriage (Everyone loved this and everyone cried. Lol) The minister did a Symbolic Ceremony, he did a great job and talked about us and god.  We kept the Ceremony decorations simple, just a table sash. the Violinst was so good. He played Jason Mraz for us too. :o)















Cocktail Hour: A  Super yummy Cold Hourderves and bar. The set-up chairs, cocktail tables and umbrellas.




Deco Cancun: A  They did a great job with the Firedancers and decorating my reception. I wanted it to be colorful and that’s what they did. :o)




Flowers: A +  I only paid for my bouquet bc I had silk flower arrangements made for the bridesmaids and groomsman and brought them with me. I loved my daisy bouquet.




Smilemarket: A++  Both the videographer and photographer were AMAZING! So sweet and I sent them photos ahead of time of what I wanted (photos I loved from other weddings) and they brought the list with them. So I got exactly what I wanted. :o)


The Cake: A+ It was worth the upgrade. So delicious, everyone of my guests has a sweet tooth and they loved it. :o)




Reception: A+  Food, Decorations and Music (PSAV) were fantastic. Everyone had too much fun and we had a blast.




Overall: Moon Palace was the perfect fit! So much to do..every restaurant was amazing and our wedding was perfect. We and our guests would go back in a heartbeat. Email me if you have any questions: nabreu7@hotmail.com.  Happy Planning and Hope this Review helps.  Everything will be perfect and run smoothly. Just breathe. :o)


Great review! Everything looked amazing!! Question: when you say you had a pick and choose of Plated Menus items, what was it? how many choices? How did you go about it? I'm going with plated menu too and Valeria wants me to pick now what guest wan to eat the day of the wedding. I may want steak today and the day of I may feel I want fish instead. LOL


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You looked absolutely AMAZING! Great review with really helpful information! What cake flavors did you choose? I have a total sweet tooth and LOVE cake...I can't decide what would be the best tasting!


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Thanks coconoir1908!

DiamondGirl: They send you Menus online. We did a pick and choose on the plated dinner. (I am pretty sure you can do a final change 10 days before the wedding)

Salad: Mixed garden greens with mushrooms and raspberry vinagrette.

Soup:Green asparagus cream with white wine (SO YUMMY)

Main Course: Beef Filet duet with red wine & mushroom sauce. (meat was so tender and tasty)

Dessert: chocolate dome filled with white and dark chocolate

Thanks Jamie5280 :o)

krsmith: Chocolate on the first layer and vanilla on the next two. (3 layers) Our 45 guests ate the whole cake and loved it. :o)


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JLR1726: I totally forgot the name of our DJ but it didn't matter he used every song off of my IPOD. I programed: Bridal Party Walk Out, Bride/Groom Walkout, First Dance etc. Than I put Dinner Music, Dance Music and when I wanted to slow it down, I asked him to play 2 country songs but everything ran smoothly. Our good friend announced everyone. We got the GOLD PACKAGE, included everything below. Well-worth it, we danced our butts off! we only had those 2 country songs the whole night. lol Hope this helps.

1 1 GOLD Package

8 1 LED Lights -

2 1 Tripods -

1 1 Console NSI -

1 1 Lot of Cables -

4 1 Self powered Speakers -

1 1 Audio Mixer 6 Channels -

1 1 Professional DJ -

1 1 DJ Equipment -

1 1 Wireless Microphone -

1 1 Set up & Strike


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I just looked this over with my fiance and I think your experience just sealed our deal!! Thanks! I see you got the complimentary wedding package, but what were the "extras" you seemed to have everything I want!!


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