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Riveria Maya Corridor
Wedding Review from 9/4/11
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Azul Sensatori Hotel By Karisma All Inclusive

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By justiner57, · 1,200 Views · 6 Comments

Pros: Entire Staff was amazing, such a great experience
Cons: Flowers & Humidity were no good

We just got back from our destination at Azul Sensatori resort and we have almost NO negative things to say. But want to give a full and accurate review for other brides & potential brides. So here it goes....


We booked with Destinationweddings.com and thought they did a great job for the small fee you pay to join the site. We had Brittany Schiffler as our TA and she was so friendly and amazing. She really helped me through a lot of drama and stress planning the wedding, I couldn't have done it with out her. All my friends and family had no problem emailing and communicating with her back and forth, they all agree she was great.


I started communicating with the Miami based wedding coordinator, Elizabeth Riff. She was also fantastic, very quick response and very friendly. She was there every step of the way, even up to 3 days before the wedding when I decided to change a few things. She offered advice when I asked and she was very professional and helpful!


Upon arrival at Cancun airport we found the LOMAS travel desk and was created by Eddie. He was awesome, throughout the whole stay helping us with excursions and everything. We were brought to the resort in a nice Lincoln Navigator and greeted by friendly staff with champagne and cool wash cloths. I would give Lomas travel an A


We booked the swim-up suite which was nice, in a good location. Word of advice, DON'T leave the door open while the AC is on. This make's the floors VERY SLIPPERY and we almost fell a couple of times. 

We had our on site meeting the next day with pretty much every staff member from the resort. Our wedding coordinators were Yazmin, Israel & Denise. We can not say enough FABULOUS things about YAZMIN!!!!! Seriously she is fantastic and just so sweet. Israel was great as well but we barely saw Denise. Overall the wedding coordinators get an A


We had a welcome bonfire on the beach friday night from 8pm-10pm. This was fun, a good way for all of our guests to see each other and relax before the wedding festivities began. After this we all went to the Mojito bar and danced the night away!!


Saturday we had BEACH OLYMPICS!!!! Miguel, the event coordinator did a fantastic job. All of our guests had so much fun. We did about 4-5 different events, one including drinking and spinning, and everyone was getting very competitive! Overall this was a great idea, we only paid about $110 to have them plan it for us and 2 people to work the Olympics so we could play the whole time. A- for this


Saturday night was our rehearsal dinner at the Spoons restaurant. They did a great job to section off our guests from the rest of the restaurant and we had a good time with all of our family and friends. We decided to do a walk through of the ceremony after the rehearsal dinner in one of the ballrooms. THANK GOD we did this as most of us had no idea what they were doing. Israel & Yazmin were there the whole time to help us figure out what we wanted and to answer any questions.


Sunday, WEDDING DAY! Started off slow and relaxing with all of us girls in a suite getting ready. Then Israel came in at about 12pm and said there was a 60% chance of rain so we had to sign a waiver to say we still wanted our events outside. (There was not a cloud in the sky). We decided to keep our ceremony & cocktail hour outside but we moved our reception inside. It was just WAYYYYY too humid to have our guests dancing & eating outside. We thought it would be much more comfortable for everyone to move this into the Ocean Ballroom. Back to the wedding.... one thing that I was not impressed with were the flowers! They were not anything special and actually started wilting in the room 2 hours before the wedding ceremony was even to begin. My advice would be to bring real touch flowers with you, in hind sight I totally would have done this. But I wasn't going to stress about the bouquets. The flowers for the ceremony & reception were fine, it was just the bouquets we had a problem with. 


We were running a little behind schedule and I informed them we were going to be at least 15 minutes late for our ceremony because hair & make-up was taking too long. I didn't like that they started to rush me through my pre-wedding pictures because they had another ceremony lined up after mine. But didn't fuss about it and we started about 20 minutes late, which I don't think is that bad at all. The ceremony was beautiful, but VERY WINDY up on the SKY deck. My veil was blowing all over the place, but I didn't care. The ceremony lasted about 20-25 minutes, we brought our own officiant and he did a fabulous job! We released dove's at the end of the ceremony which was a very sweet touch.


We then went to take pics on the beach, we again brought our own photographer and she too did a great job. We didn't run into any problems with anyone from the resort not being nice to her or causing any problems. 


From what I hear, the cocktail hour on the beach wasn't anything special. Obviously we weren't there for it because we were taking pics, but our family & friends said it was ok. Not much food and too much time in between all the events. Another negative thing here, the coordinators didn't tell anyone where to go for the reception. We had people running around trying to find people and let them know where it was. I wish they would have had a sign or had a person down at the cocktail hour telling people where to go. 


The reception in the Ocean ballroom was great! We had so much fun and it was nice that it was just our group, no one else trying to walk around and crash it. The food was great, but things felt a little rushed from the DJ's part. We walked in and went right into the first dance, not sure if this is usually how things go. We then followed it by the father/daughter & mother/son dance. The food was brought out quickly after that, but it does take them awhile for everyone to get their food. One negative, if you leave your plate even for a minute, they will take it away from you. So make sure when you get up from your table you are done with your food or by the time you come back it will be gone. We had the filet & mahi-mahi plates. The filet was AMAZING but the mahi-mahi wasn't anything special. We had them do churros with ice cream for dessert, which everyone said was AMAZING as well!!! I didn't really get to try the cake, I was too busy dancing and mingling but people said its as good but too much fondant and no icing. They decorated the room very nicely for changing it to be inside last minute! The waiters at the reception was great and they would bring us shots without even having to ask for them! All in all it was fabulous but went by wayyy to fast! I wish we could have extended the party by like at least an hour, we were all having so much fun!


We found out that night that they had upgraded us to a suite, so we had an after party in our room after the wedding! Ladies, this place is great! The staff is so friendly and everyone treats you exceptionally! 


None of the ladies got our hair or make-up done at the spa, but I did get a massage there and it was great! Mitzi was awesome. 


Swim up bar ask for Raymundo! He was so fun and kept the shots and drinks coming!! My mind is going blank and I can't think of anything else but how much fun it was. If you have any other questions please ask me and I'll make sure to answer them :) But most importantly have fun and enjoy the day 


Hi! Great review! I know this is a few months out, but I have a question. Did they charge you to bring your own photographer? My nephew takes pictures for Disney's bands, events in Orlando and we are flying him out with us. He is amazing, and I'll pay the fee, BUT I would rather not.


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