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Muchas Gracias Del Sol Photography
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By RoxanneLohn, · 515 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: artistic, fun, great communication, above expectations

My husband and I travel to Mexico often and after discovering the beaches in Tulum, we could not picture getting married anywhere else. My biggest concern with having a destination wedding was being able to share it with everyone back at home who were unable to make it to the event. I figured, why go through all the work of planning a beautiful wedding if only a few of our loved ones were able to see it. Because of this, I put choosing a photographer on the top of my priorities list. Over the course of our long engagement I did extensive research and after seeing some of Del Sol’s work, every other photographer seemed like a disappointment. There were initial concerns about the pricing but they were worth every cent!


Dealing with companies in a different country can be difficult. Del Sol’s focus on good communication made it feel like they were in the same state! From the beginning questionnaire that ensured they understood our expectations and any concerns that could arise, to the promptness of their email responses, to even a phone call to ensure that there was no possible confusions, I never once felt like distance was an issue.


On our wedding day Matt arrived and immediately began to impress me.  He seemed so passionate about his work. I never realized what a physical job photography was! He was literally running all over to get the best pictures possible. It seemed as though he was in twenty places at once. He was able to capture absolutely everything. 


We also planned a TTD session with Sol. (Matt was also there but he made sure to point out that Sol was the boss.) They picked us up from our villa and took us to the location, stopping to pick up snacks and drinks for us along the way. They made sure we were completely taken care of. We arrived at a local cenote and took some shots on dry land first. Despite the rustic atmosphere, they made everything look like it was put there specifically for the photo shoot. One of my favorite pictures was taken from just a simple empty building. We then headed for the water. Despite my nerves and the cold water, they were there to help make me comfortable. They gave great direction to make sure every shot was beautiful and natural looking.  The pictures are so clear and the lighting was amazing. Some of the pictures don’t even look like we are under water!


I was nervously anticipating the arrival of our cd. I had no idea how the TTD session would turn out since my eyes were closed most of the time. When I received the beautifully packaged cd in the mail, I took a deep breath before I popped it into my computer. Wow! While going through the slideshows I laughed, I cried, I even had goose bumps! I couldn’t believe that they were mine. I felt like a model! The wedding pictures captured so much emotion and truly told the story of our wedding. The TTD pictures were absolutely gorgeous! Our friends and family can’t stop talking about them. It seems to come up in conversation constantly!


I’m so grateful to have been able to have Del Sol Photography as part of one of the happiest moments in my life. If you choose to have them at your special day, you will not have any regrets. 


Please take a look at our pictures and you will see why I am so happy with Del Sol’s work:





WOW, thanks for the kind words Roxanne :) I loved the wedding location and HEART tulum... thank you for trusting our vision and allowing us to get so close to your family and friends. Photography of what is happening around has always intrigued me, so chasing a wedding love story around is really a dream job.


PS... we cherish the award winning image from dip walking down the isle... wow, amazing shot and memorialized via this professional association! ROCK! Saludos to Nathan and hopefully we will see you guys again when you visit the family place in the future!


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