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I love weddings! and parties! and paper! and print! and people! So it's only natural that I've begun a business designing unique and customized invitations and accoutrements. Like others, it seems that my story begins with my own destination wedding invitations...I guess I pulled the rabbit out of the hat as I suddenly had multiple requests from friends to do theirs as well. I also found myself doing more and more design work for my 'real' job. And enjoying it way better than the 'real' job! So I've taken the leap and begun Irresistible Invitation Design, LLC. I have a background of using my creativity to solve dilemmas, working closely with others, and traveling the world. This unique combination of experiences and cultures reflects into all of my communications and designs. Since I have been to so many destinations, I can often relate too well to what other traveling brides are going through. Occasionally I can offer good advice! I am thrilled to design for and get to know new people. Give us a call or send us an email! We offer multiple printing, paper, and font options...as well as specializing in unique and creative invitation design. Being a small business we can offer you the time and effort required to get that "just perfect" invitation. Looking forward to working with you! Lisa

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Pros: original ideas, excellent attention to detail, very flexible with ideas
Cons: none
I truly believe invitations set the tone for the event to come.  I wanted my invitations to be very personal and original, but also very professional and affordable.  I have seen various wedding invitations sent out to me and some of my friends lately.  Only one of the invites appeared to be created professionally.  The other ones looked like they were hand-made by the bride or a friend with glue, scissors, and a bad printer.  On one particular invite, the ink was even smudged and printed ver
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