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Iberostar Tucan

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(Rated 4.7 stars with 3 reviews)
Rated #12 of 83 Playa del Carmen on BDW
Strolling along the paths around the Iberostar Tucán is like walking through a wood or an enchanted Mexican forest, brimming with life and full of lush trees. This hotel is set in an ecosystem of lush vegetation, home to several species of wildlife that live quite happily here. At the Iberostar Tucán guests will be able to catch a glimpse of the monkeys and birds, including the stately peacocks, as well as fish and turtles, in a setting of total calm. Everyone here is willing to share their experiences and thoughts: from the employee who recommends the best dish on the menu at the Italian restaurant to the guest who's anxious to relate his latest water sports venture. In this fabulous Caribbean setting, making new friends takes just a matter of minutes. Guests will also be able to enjoy the finest range of sports facilities, entertainment and culinary delights… and the very best facilities. This is the ideal choice for a truly unforgettable Mexican holiday.

Member Reviews

Pros: Clean, great staff, beautiful jungle wedding, food, size of resort, activities, all ages,
Cons: bar
We got married on January 4, 2017 at Iberostar Quetzal (which is the other half of Tucan - they are basically the same but you would book at one or the other. We booked Quetzal in kind of a compromise way - during high season, it was one of the more affordable nice resorts, but not the nicest according to ratings... we wanted our guests to be able to afford it though! In the end it wasn't a compromise at all - such a great place.   First let me get it out of the way to say don't let the few b

By sandybeach, · 1 Comment

Pros: beautiful grounds, amazing beach front, great star friends
Cons: wedding dinner choices,not enough late night activities
Just got back yesturday we absolutly loved it. Alejandra did a great job as our wedding coordinator!   Once we checked in we realised we were upgraded (free of charge) to a junior suite. We were on the tucan side and have no complaints. Beautiful ocean view. ( i would post photos but it wont let me). We had a similar setup as trace2013. (with the exception of a turquoise sache along with the white up front) We kind of winged the whole thing, didnt do any rehearsals and it went great. The f

By jmv247, · 3 Comments

Pros: Gabriela WC- Staff at the resort- Beach
Cons: Food is okay
Iberostart Tucan, is an amazing resort with fantasic people who work there.   I only wrote food as a con because for me it was good, but i am not a picky eater. For some of the other guest they were not to happy about it. But I didnt go to mexico for the food, i want for the perfect wedding and that is what i got.   Gabriela and her team are the best. When i first emailed her I would get a response but with in the week. Now i know it was because she was so busy. When it came closer t

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