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Arrecife Studio Mexico, WEG

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At Arrecife Studio we have an experienced team of photography. Our goal is to make your dream day last forever through our expertise. We strive to capture every single important moment candid and traditional on your special day. We work with professional Canon 5D Mark II cameras and high quality lenses; fish lens, telephoto lens, wide range zoom just to name a few, as well as studio lighting to complement you and the beautiful surroundings at your spectacular Caribbean destination wedding.

We are very proud of our professional photographers and videographers, they have impeccable style, taking care of all the details and capturing the emotions in the air. We are able to provide the material just a couple of days after the wedding yet taking extreme care to give you the utmost quality you deserve. Knowing that everyone has a different budget we have various photography packages. The materials you receive on disc are copyright free, so you will be able to make as many copies as you like.

Our main office is at the Akumal Hotel inside the Gran Bahia Principe Resort Riviera Maya, however we are able to travel to all locations in the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and to any other locations, may it be in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic there are no limits it is wherever you wish!

For more information please contact us at photomexico@arrecifestudio.com 

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By sarahtroy, · 3 Comments

Pros: Amazing photos, friendly photographer, great quality
Cons: none
My husband Troy and I just got married in November at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum gazebo. Beforehand, I saw Arricefes facebook page and I knew they did great work. Martin was our wonderful, amazing photographer that day and let me tell you he beyond exceeded our expectations!! I seriously have not gone a day since the wedding without looking through my wedding pictures again and again, they are sooooo amazing!! All the staff that I met that worked for Arricefe are also very friendly and courteous. Two thumbs WAY up to them, keep up the amazing work!! The pictures are worth every penny!!

By sarahndarren, · 0 Comments

Pros: They capture all the special moments
Cons: The photos are shown to music but do not come this way ( was never offered)
AThe photos are all captured from different angles and you don't even notice the photographer half of the time, we went to view our photos and I was sat in tears, they are amazing, they have on a disc the photos which are played to music (they do not come this way tho) and u have to pick the number of photos on the package you have chosen, it was that hard we had the lot !!!! Really professional and love looking through them:)
Emily Dick

By Emily Dick, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great photographers, friendly staff, professional service!
Cons: This is NOT a con but take more money than you have budgeted for photos!
We got married at the Gran Bahia Principe TULUM on the 19th October 2012. Martin was our photographer and all I can say is WOW! We can't fault ANYTHING regards to the wedding co-ordinator (Jazmine) and the team at Arrecife Studio. The ONLY thing I would say is the packages are a bit pricey and we only budgeted for £800 but ended up spending £1500! This also included a 15 minute edited video which is absolutely stunning! Until you view your pictures you have no idea what they are going to look like but the picture quality is AMAZING and Martin really put us at ease and helps you pose if you are feeling nervous or unsure what to do. "chico's smile for the camera" this still makes us laught to this day! We have nothing bad to say but the biggest piece of advice we can give is TAKE MORE MONEY WITH YOU THAN ORIGINALY PLANNED FOR PHOTOS! I wish I knew we were going to end up spending that much for I could have had a better package for the day (we only had Martin for 1 hour) which was ceremony and pictures after on the beach. Would have been nice to have some different back grounds but we can't complain for everything was perfect!

By yeemein, · 1 Comment

Pros: great photographers, clear instructions
Cons: pricey
We were married on May 3, 2012 and used Arrecife Studio for full day video & photos during the ceremony. Our videographer was Tony and head photographer was Jorge. Both did a fantastic job capturing our wedding/photo session. Our wedding package included 15 photos and we knew there was no way we could walk out of our viewing appointment without purchasing additional photos. We had over 140 photos and we chose 47 of them. It was extremely difficult but since we had a secondary photographer, we opted to spend less on the photos with Arrecife. We found the pricing expensive, but when you see the outcome you kinda understand why. They do a beautiful job, however if the pricing was a bit more reasonable we would have purchased more photos. In total we spent roughly $1680USD on our full day video and ceremony/photo session photos. I would recommend Arrecife Studio, but would advise to have a larger budget because it is very easy to go overboard.

By melady24, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great vision, professional services
Cons: pushy manger
We got married on Apr 21, 2011 at Akumal Hammock location.  Nestor was our photographer and he is AMASING!!!!  He took unbelievable photos of me getting ready and then at the ceremony and after.  He asked us what photography style we liked and since we both know and love photography we wanted a journalistic/candid photos.  That is what we got.  We got so giddy after the ceremony that Nestor did not had to ask us to show our emotions… J  He did a lot of posed pictures, but they were not stiff and very natural looking.  LOVED all of them.   We budgeted for $500 package, but ended up paying $2300 since we could not bring ourselves to choosing favourite photographs.  They were all amazing!!!   As a suggestion, ignore Maria at the meeting, she is very pushy and her job is only to get you sign the contract.  Photographers are great!   Good luck!

By sposa, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great quality,profesional service
Cons: not enough press about them,PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK WEBSITE.you will became millionaries if everybody can see your amazing work!!!!
We got married at the GRAN BAHIA PRINCIPE COBA on 5-04-11 and we had Diego from Arrecife studio. We had 10 free pics as part of our wedding pack. When we met with the WC the first day a lady from the ARRECIFE STUDIO joined later to talk about prices, etc. We had been sent the list by Maria in advance and had a budget for photos. The lady was very pushy and not having another option for photos we agreed a certain pack with her (73 pics in total of both ceremonies plus after at the beach. I didn’t want any pictures of me getting ready because as you can imagine I was very emotional and just wanted to have a moment with my family)We walked away rather worried. Thank God all that disappear when we saw the final product: Amazing!!! We asked our guests not to take any photos during the ceremony(ies)since we hate seeing pictures of the bride arriving and everybody is taking pictures of her. We wanted them to enjoy what we planned for so long and to be there with us. Diego our photographer was so grateful for that since he could move around us clicking and clicking without interfering with the ceremony or being bother by amateur guests. HE IS AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER. He will tell how to pose and stand. Also we were worried the light will be to harsh at that time of the day but he took a flash to mellowed it bit.He is very creative and relaxed and we had a blast trying to talk in spanish,italian and english at the same time. We met him the day after and watch a presentation of 250 photos of which we ended up buying 115.It was so difficult to choose, they were all great, I promise. My advice to you: budget for more pictures, you will want more than what you think. And don’t worry, this guys are real professionals. Perhaps they are still missing the press other DW photographers have that’s why people are still not sure about them. They have a Facebook page for you to look at pictures although it hasn’t been updated since October, shame. 

By ainsley, · 1 Comment

Pros: Stunning unique wedding photos
Cons: Price as we didn't anticipate buying all wedding photos
We were married at the GBP Akumal February 2011 and had Diego as our photographer.  We would highly recommend Arrecife Studio as they captured our wedding day perfectly, taking beautiful, unique and artistic photos.  We went into this experience thinking we'd only buy the basic least expensive wedding photo package. After viewing the photos the day after our wedding with the photographer we couldn't help but upgrade our package so we could take all our wedding photos with us, we loved them all! Diego was a real perfectionist and worked hard to take as many pictures as he could in the most gorgeous settings.  We have received so many compliments on our photos and love reliving our wedding day by looking at our wedding photos.  Thank you so much!   Ainsley and Jason

By lindsayjohnson, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Price was more than we wanted to spend, but we didn't know we would buy so many pictures.
I have to start by saying I was skeptical at first about having to use the resort's photograper.  My husband and I were married at The Gran Bahia Principe Akumal in December, 2010.  We had Juan as our photographer and he was absolutely amazing!  He was so energenic, passionate and a overall a joy to be around.  He captured such beautiful and artistic pictures of us.  I have never seen us look so amazing and really didn't know we had it in us. I have had so many compliments on our pictures and have been told on more than one occasion that people thought they were the best wedding pictures they had ever seen!  I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much!!   L+W

By moniquemcnamara, · 0 Comments

My husband and I were married at Grand Bahia Principe COBA on January 12, 2011. We were very skeptical on finding a photographer or what the quality of the pictures would be like, especially in another country. We are from Toronto, ON and had no idea what to expect. Nestor took our pictures and they came out stunning and breath-taking! Straight from a magazine. We highly recommend his work. Only negative is to be prepared to spend the money. We went down with a budget and only wanting to buy the basic package, but after viewing Nestor's unbelievable pictures we went with the whole package. Definitely worth every penny!

By amygunn, · 0 Comments

We were married at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal on January 26, 2011.  Our whole vacation was wonderful.  Our wedding day was AMAZING and turned out better than we had expected.  Our photography was done by Martin, who did a fantastic job and was so friendly.  We had fun taking the photos.  We would HIGHLY recommend this resort and ESPECIALLY Arrecife Studios (Martin) for photography, we have nothing bad to say!    Thanks again Martin  

By Angie1017, · 0 Comments

We were married December 16, 2010 at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum.  Nestor took our photos, and did an incredible job.  The photos are breathtaking!  I didn't even notice him taking the pictures, he just slid into the background.  He captured such emotional pictures.   Nestor went on holidays after our wedding, so Juan helped us choose our photos.  He was great to work with as well.
Our wedding was on December 05, 2010 at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum and Nestor was our photographer.

Nestor did a fabulous job and captured our special day better than I could have asked for. The slideshow he put together for us is extremely professional and emotional. Once we realised how talented Nestor was we asked him to select the songs and picture sequences himself and he did a great job!

I would and actually already have recommended the Arrecife Studios to friends getting married in Mexico. Thanks for capturing our special day the way you did and giving us such great photographs.

Our family & friends who were not at our special day with us are all amazed with our pictures and slideshow.

Nestor....Nestor.....Nestor.....you are THE MAN! ;-)   Muchas Gracias Nestor & Arrecife Studios!   Tam & Shab

By nhedderson, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, Artistic, Talented
Cons: NONE
My husband and i were married at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba, on November 23, 2010. Nestor was our photographer. We originally commited to the basic package, with 36 photographs, but the work was so outstanding we purchased them all!!! The cost was similar to any other typical wedding photography package. We were very impressed by the professionalism, talent, and artisitc spin on the photographs. Nestor captured the feeling of our special day for us, it was amazing. I have viewd the DVD slideshow about 10 times already, and i still get misty eyed!!! I am not even sure how he managed to take some of the photos that he did, since i didn't even notice his presence!!!   Thank you Arrecife for an amazing experience and the perfect way to capture our day!

By CanadianKim, · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing, Creative, Fun, Unique, Quality
Cons: None
Our wedding was on November 18, 2010 at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. Nestor was our photographer and he did an amazing job. We were both very impressed with his skill and unique perspective and angles on photos. Despite the rain he managed to still do a great job and get a ton of breathtaking shots. We ended up purchasing more photos then we had originally planned, as there were just so many good ones we couldnt pass them up.   I would definetly recommend Arrecife Studio to anyone and Nestor as well! Thanks so much Nestor for capturing all the beautiful unforgettable moments on our wedding day.   Kim & Mike

By lwilkinson, · 0 Comments

Pros: Unique photo's, great quality and variety of options
Cons: Need a smaller package for renewals,
My husband and I renewed our vows on October 28th, 2010 and had the pleasure of working with Juan.  He capture the true spirit and essence of our ceremony though his lens. Each photo evoked special feelings and made it EXTREMELY difficult to choose.  We bought some of the none wedding shots to mount on canvas as art and give as gifts to our friends. True talent! 
Pros: Friendly, fast, artistic, beautiful work
Thank you Nestor, you are truly amazing at what you do! We can't believe how many beautiful pictures we have to choose from from our wedding. Our friends and family are so impressed with the photos :)   Thanks again!   K & M Mills
Pros: Creative, artistic, patient, affordable, JUAN!
Cons: The only Con I would say is that I didn't know how great they would be or I would have budgeted more for the pictures, I wanted ALL of them!
My husband and I were married at the Grand Bahia Principe Coba over labor day weekend. Juan from Arrecife Studio was our photographer and all I can say is WOW! He was amazing to work with. It was very clear from the moment we met him that he truly loves what he does. He was very creative with the photos he took and did an excellent job of catching the true emotion we were feeling.   If you are planning a destination wedding, look into this location and definitely this photographer. I wanted every picture he took. We could not have been happier with the results.   Vikki and Lee

By heatherandmark, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything was perfect!
No one has edited this wiki yet - be the first! The headings below are just suggestions; feel free to make your own.     Vendor Contact Information:   Our main office is at the Akumal Hotel inside the Gran Bahía Príncipe Resort Riviera Maya 
Email: photomexico@arrecifestudio.com 
        From Canada - 011+52+984 875 5000 Ext: 28273 
        From UK      -      00+52+984 875 5000 Ext: 28273 
        From USA    -    001+52+984 875 5000 Ext: 28273 

Ctra. Chetumal Benito Juárez, Km. 250 Local B, Municipio de Solidaridad Akumal, Quintana Roo, México C.P. 77760    Related Media/Links: Add related videos, links to the vendor's website or articles featuring their work, etc.    ·  (http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g499445-d593981-r73502889-Gran_Bahia_Principe_Coba-Akumal_Yucatan_Peninsula.html)      Services Offered: Add information on what this vendor offers.

By NICOLAKYLE, · 0 Comments

We got married on the 06th October 2010 in gran bahia Principe Mexico. Nestor was our photographer and we were delighted with the photos he took. He captured every moment of our special day and we couldnt believe the results. We bought a package of photos on a disc and also some printed our only regret was that we didnt purchase them all.When we went to collect our photos I was pleasantly surprised with the studio and there work in the studio All our family and friends commented on how beautiful the photos were and how well the photographer did. I would recommend the Arrecife Studios to anyone getting married in Mexico. Thanks Nestor x   Paul & Nicola Kyle