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Ceremony Cards by FedEx Office

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FedEx Kinko's is now known as FedEx Office."Professional printing that makes you look good on paper."

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    Ceremony Cards by FedEx Office



    Pros: Quick ship, easy to design online, end result looks great!

    Cons: N/A

    I decided to have ceremony cards printed, but I didn't want to have an agenda of the ceremony, simply because I didn't know the specifics of the order of how things were going to run once we got to Jamaica.  So rather then an agenda, I found these cute cards (found w/in invitation area) that fit our theme perfectly (both color & image - bikes)!  I put our names, date, and a cute quote I found online.   The cards came within 2 days & I couldn't have been more pleased   Online creation didn't take long and you can even print the image to see what it would like like before you buy.  Here are some images of the cards we used for our ceremony (top 2 images taken by Melissa Green Photography : ” (read more)