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Pros: Beautiful Photos, Amazing Quality, Great Value, & Awesome Service
We chose to use La Luna after falling in love with their pictures as well as Del Sol's. Working with Matt and the team was truly a breeze and they were so kind and communication was simple and clear. Jonathan was our lead photographer for the day and he was so fun! He came into the room snapping away. It's amazing how what you would swear is an awful picture can turn out so beautifully in the end.   We had La Luna for six hours and they captured us getting ready all the way to the middle o

By Esmay, · 0 Comments

Pros: talented photographers, professional and friendly service
Thank you so much to the La Luna team. We had some hiccups with the weather but the staff at La Luna made it possible to capture the most beautiful pictures we could ever have imagined. We not only recieved gorgeous photos we captured an amazing story. Melissa and Jonathan were both great at directing us and putting us at ease. The backdrops could not have been better chosen. They really did surpass our expectations. We would reccomend La Luna in a heartbeat. Thank you again to the wonderful sta

By NikkiT1021, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, creative, visionary
I knew from the moment I began planning my wedding that having a good wedding photographer was my #1 priority.  When I booked my wedding at Valentin Imperial Maya in Riviera Maya Mexico, the photography company that was offered in our package was not at all what I wanted.  I immediately turned to BDW to find what I was looking for.   Initially, I fell in LOVE with Del Sol Photography, however the price tag was a little too much for my budget. This led to automatic dissapointment.  I had wr

By sxcT, · 0 Comments

Pros: Very personable, great communication, pleasure to work with and stunning work!
Cons: I can't see these amazing people more often!!
From start to finish working with La Luna was such a pleasure.  Melissa in the studio was such a doll and always so friendly, quick to respond, very helpful and informative and was always on top of things.  It was easy communicating with La Luna and I always got my questions answered very quickly.  They kept me informed of what to expect on the big day, asked questions to see if there was anything special they needed to know about and reminded me of little things I might have forgotten leading u

By Tmbarnes, · 0 Comments

Pros: Very good value (2 photographers!), amazing imagry. Photos really tell the story of my wedding!
Cons: Its not the photographers fault that the sun sets super fast in Mexico. We started to run out of light for group photos:(
Its all about the couple! La Luna is amazing at capturing every single moment of the day! Jonathon & his assistant, Melissa, hit the ground running! They were with the bride & groom a littler earlier then expected and snapping away! They also saw that our guests had a surprise for us as they were all packed up and leaving...well, they unpacked and snapped shots so that we could have the memories. I am so grateful for that!! Jonathon is amazing! He has such an eye for detail and light ima

By magirl, · 1 Comment

Pros: freindly, great photos!
I just got the online photo link for my wedding and I could not be happier! they are exactly what I was hoping for. Jonathon and Melissa were so nice, they put up with my crazy family too! I don't even remember seeing much of them during the reception but they were obviously busy! I cannot wait to get the disk with the rest of the pics.   I am the worst at taking pictures and we are not used to getting our photo taken so much and didn't know what to do, so I know they had their work cut

By annierae22, · 1 Comment

Pros: Creative, professional, friendly, communicative, fun
From the very beginning, La Luna was very informative, kept contact with us, and made sure we were aware of when they would be contacting us again.  They asked for all information about the wedding, wedding guests, items not to be mentioned, and important shots that we wanted throughout the night. Booking them was very simple and extremely easy.      Our photographers were Jonathan and Melissa and we loved them both!  They were both very talented, personable and took some of the most amazi

By MelissaandEthan, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything.
Cons: Nothing.
We choose LaLuna Photography based on the multiple reviews we read on BDW and their slideshows.  Their work speaks for itself!  Absolutely incredible.   We are absolutely thrilled with the end result and couldn't have had a better experience.     Just like you, we were hesitant and anxious about making sure we choose the perfect photographer.  We were fortunate enough to have both Melissa and Jonathon on our wedding day.  They were professional, fun, and incredibly creative.  I wouldn't

By kiwicorreo, · 0 Comments

Pros: super profesional, organized, artistic vision, easy to work with, speak english and spanish, experienced, great customer service before, during, after
Cons: the only con I could find is that you need to book as quickly as possible they have a tight schedule
Having Melissa Uruchurtu and Melissa Mercado from La Luna Photography at our wedding was absolutely ideal and it helped make our wedding magical !!! I must say our wedding wouldn't have been the same without them. Not only is Melissa Uruchurtu a very skilled and experienced wedding photographer, she's very passionate about her art and she didn't rest until she got the perfect photo every time! My husband and I were very nervous about having a professional photographer at our wedding because we
Pros: Everything
Cons: Absolutely None
Planning a destination wedding from over 2,000 miles away, for the off season during the hottest time of the year is a challenging thing to do. There are so many things to worry about but the one thing I didn't have to worry about was our photography. After some research we discovered La Luna photography - the sister company to the photographic powerhouse Del Sol and we couldn't have been any happier with our discovery. After looking at just about every single slide show from both of these

By criggs, · 0 Comments

Pros: So professional, talented, creative, easy to work with, made the most important part completely stress free, captured beautiful moments!
We couldn't be happier that we chose La Luna for our photography! From the very first moment of correspondence on-line, I was so impressed with the professionalism. They really made the entire photography process so stress free. The price was such a great deal for the quality! I did a ton of research prior to choosing La Luna and their pricing was more reasonable than many of the others, and they have a wonderful ability to capture the story of the day so artistically.    Prior to the wedd
Pros: The photographers captured every moment, they were always there
Cons: Waiting 6 weeks to receive the photos.
La Luna/Del Sol Photography are an amazing company to work with. They do an amazing job, and are quick to respond to any questions. The price was really worth it. From the get go they were upfront about everything, and even sent me some questionnaires regarding what we wanted and my family relationship related to the images we were trying to achieve. Juan Jose and Jonathan I could not say anything other than amazing things about. They showed up at my hotel suite early, I did not need to assist t

By SBBride, · 6 Comments

Pros: Amazing photos, captured the raw emotion, fun to work with, energetic, talented,
All I have to say is WOW.   We worked with Rachel and Jonathan and could not have been more happy with our pictures.   Not only were they extremely professional and respond to emails almost immediately, but they were so helpful and patient.   They guided me through the booking process step by step and will give you tips as to when to have the ceremony so that they get the perfect lighting for the pictures.    Because of these amazing pictures, I am able to relive the best day of my life th

By Grace13, · 1 Comment

Pros: Very Talented Professionals!
I was so worried about finding a photographer for our wedding. I did not want to use a resort photographer! From the first correspondence with Melissa at La Luna, I was put at ease.  They are very professional and really pay attention to the details from beginning to end.  As soon as I would send them an email I would always get an immediate and helpful response.  We were so lucky to have Jonathan photograph our wedding.  When he walked in the room as I was getting ready, I immediately felt comf
Before we booked with La Luna Photography, we had trouble deciding if we should fly someone over to Cancun with us or book with someone already in Cancun. After emailing La Luna, we soon realized their professionalism and passionate for photography and am glad we decided to go with them.    On the day of the wedding, they arrived half hour early and started taking pictures right away all the way to the end of the night, they captured all the pictures exactly how we wanted them to, the beac

By MellySue12, · 1 Comment

Pros: Everything!
For all sorts of reason weddings can be very stressful. There are so many variables and crazy things that can go wrong. This is multiplied even more when doing a destination wedding. You never meet the people you are working with or see the place your getting married, all you can go with is your faith that it will be OK.   From the very first moment we started working with La Luna, we had zero doubt that our wedding pictures were going to be amazing, memorable and worthwhile. While plannin

By dhstar019, · 5 Comments

Pros: Friendly, talented, creative
As a VERY amateur photographer, I had been following del Sol's work (La Luna's parent company) for a number of years prior to planning my wedding. I was in LOVE with their style and skill, and when we decided to do a destination wedding, we wanted to be where del Sol was. We were lucky enough to inquire with del Sol about their wedding and TDD availability just as La Luna was going public, giving us the opportunity to have del Sol shoot our TDD and La Luna shoot our wedding (see del Sol review).

By runcol2, · 0 Comments

Pros: Friendly, outgoing, go out of their way to get great shots!
Cons: Wish they could have stayed longer!
La Luna was a wonderful company to work with from start to finish! Melissa and her assistant were there right from the start to capture photos of every special moment of our wedding day. They listened to what we wanted and delivered! And on top of that they were two of the nicest people I have ever met. They made me feel like a movie star...and what's better than that on your wedding day!   Melissa, in the studio was also a lovely person. She answered all emails and returned phone calls pr

By cae30, · 1 Comment

My husband and I got married at Excellence Playa Mujeres on June 1, 2011.  We wanted to have a very small wedding, but wanted to make sure that we had beautiful pictures to remember it by.  I initially contacted Del Sol about hiring them for our wedding.  When Melissa emailed me back telling me that they had a sister company, La Luna, my husband and I both fell in love with their pictures.    Correspondence was through email with Melissa (Account Manager) was easy and very prompt.  Melissa
Bride KSmith

By Bride KSmith, · 0 Comments

Pros: Brilliant Work, Never in the Way, Easy to work with
As a couple, photography was the most important aspect of the wedding for us. Most of our family and friends could not come to Mexico so we wanted a great way for them to feel like they were there. La Luna delivered. They captured all of the important moments of the day in a way that actually tells the story of our wedding.I was hoping to get photos that would capture me looking like a supermodel (which I am not lol). Instead I got something much better, photos that truly captured the personalit

By mariposa6911, · 1 Comment

Pros: High quality,professional, creative
We found La Luna through Del Sol which recommended  them so we knew we were in good hands!  Rachael and Deborah were our photographers and they were great just snapping away capturing all kind of story telling moments!  When we got our slide show I laughed sooooo loud seeing a picture they captured of my ONE bridezilla moment when my mom smeared her make up on my hubby's vest that was WHITE.....as crazy as my face was in that picture the picture tells the exact emotion and how freaked out I was

By Lemuren, · 2 Comments

Pros: So talented, professional, fun, innovative, Jonathan was fantastic!
Cons: Are only con is that we coudln't pay the remaining amount with paypal or credit card before the wedding but had to pay it cash at the wedding day.
La Launa Photography were so good to work with. Melissa replied to the emails very quick and I really appreciated their customer website with login, it made it easy to update changes and to add information. Very professional! We booked La Luna from Sweden where we live so we did it all based on the photographs we saw on their website and blog. Of course I was worried from times to times whether they would be good or not. But I had not needed to worry at all. Jonathan showed up in my room on the

By curtney17, · 3 Comments

I cannot say enough great things about working with La Luna and Melissa! They both were absolutely amazing. They met me in my room to start the show and boy did they capture the moment! My first plan was to go with Del Sol, which is La Luna sister company, but we were having money problems and need to figure something else out so thats when i called and spoke with Matt and he turned me to La Luna! I cannot say more about how great they are to work with and how amazing our pictures look. At the e

By lauriea107, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, Creative, OUTSTANDING customer service, Magazine worthy photos!
Cons: NONE!
I recently got married at the Excellence Riviera Cancun and we used La Luna Photography.  I originally wanted to use Del Sol Photography as they are well known in the Cancun area and I love their photography style.  After I contacted Del Sol, I realized they were out of our price range.  They advised me that they had a new sister photography company called La Luna that is very similar but is less expensive.  As soon as I went to their website and contacted Melissa at La Luna, I knew they were th

By andreabrazil, · 0 Comments

Pros: Pictures were absolutely beautiful! Everthing I hoped for!
Cons: none
I had such a great experience with La Luna! From the moment I first contacted them till even after I received my pictures back they were wonderful! Any time I had a question Melissa always responded quickly. Jonathon was my photographer along with an assistant and they ran around like maniacs the entire night catching every special moment! They showed up right on time and were ready to get after it! I seriously never even knew they were there and they captured so many beautiful and funny moments

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