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  1. We are planning a DW in Cuba in a 3-4 years (a long way off i know, but we need time to save). We decided to tell our families our plans, so they would have time to comfortably save as well. We said that this is what we want and people are welcome to fly out and be with us. I would love to have my best friend there but when i told her the price she started moaning saying how expensive it was. Its actually a very good price for 2 weeks all-inclusive tbf. I told her that its fine if she can't come but reminded her that it is a few years away so plenty of time to save. She only needs to put a little away each month. It just annoys me as she's telling me that she really wants to come and would be broken-hearted if she couldn't but its like she unwilling to even TRY to save up! She's always wasting her money on shit/takeaways but then moans that she's broke, constantly complaining how she never goes on holiday but doesn't seem to understand that if you want the hols then you got to save up!!! I don't even think she will try so i'm not sure if i should even bother asking her to my hen weekend? I just have a feeling that she won't try to do save then all i will hear until the end of time is how gutted she is that she missed my hen and wedding 😒 Its really depressed me as she makes me feel that my wedding is a burden and not worth the bother, its really took the shine off it! For me (i know how self-centered this sounds) iv had to sit and watch all my friends get married, have their moment, have everyone make a fuss of them and be excited for them. Iv waited so LONG and i bloody want my time now! i dont wanna hear how much hassle/expensive/far it is!!!
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