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  1. Hi there! Happy to find this resource, because I need some wise advice. My dear friend Monica plans to create a website for her wedding. The purpose is to send invites via this website and add the photos and love story. Possibly the website will remain as a memory of the wedding day. My task is to investigate and propose a website for her. Need something minimalistic and lovely, pastel colours. So, the question is, has anyone of you made anything a website for your wedding? What specific sections have you included? Have you used a website builder or a programmer? How much did it cost for you? My recent findings are: https://weblium.com/templates https://www.theknot.com/gs/wedding-websites
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    hi! Try Google Drive. It is very convenient and everyone can use it. https://dfiles.ru/login.php is also convenient. It's a files sharing resource.