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  1. I think it depends on how long your gap will be between the ceremony and breakfast? Sorry if I missed it? If it's an hour or so I'm not sure you need anything additional. People expect to spend some time chatting etc, I for one am always glad to have a drink and something light to eat, but wouldn't be bothered about entertainment as I'd be chatting to my friends and family. We went to a wedding last year where the gap was 2 and a half hours, they served pimms but no canapés. It was a bit too long really, it was quite chilly, we were hanging around outside and we were all fairly hungry. I think you need to judge it based on your situation.
  2. nateboussad

    Music Of Cocktail Hour?

    Virtually all the old standards work, but depending on the audience, you might want to add some more current popular tunes. It's essentially background music, correct? Sounds like fun.
  3. nateboussad

    Who Is The Best Dj In Uk?

    Calvin Harris of course !! No other British DJ has ever reached the level of global success and celebrity that Calvin Harris has achieved. He was the first electronic music producer and DJ to win the Ivor Novello Songwriter of the Year Award and the first British solo artist to reach more than a billion streams on Spotify. He’s topped the highest paid DJs list on numerous occasions, held residencies in Las Vegas and even been the face of Emporio Armani. A decade on from his arrival on the scene, there are few bigger figures in electronic music from anywhere in the world.
  4. nateboussad

    Snapchat Filter For The Wedding Guests?

    It depends on how many hours you want the filter on for and also how large of an area you want. It varies by those two factors but mine was roughly $15-$20 for around 5 hours.