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  1. Does anyone recommend having the reception at Oregeno and the cocktail at x-lounge. I really don’t want to get a dance floor and extra lighting to have it at las olas im already bringing all my own decorations and centerpieces so I’m trying to limit bring more stuff. We are doing our ceremony at the pier. September wedding so I’m hoping for a nice breeze and no hurricanes
  2. Thank you so much! I have my ceremony at 5 so I know I still have a lot of time to set my timeline for the day I was thinking maybe 1230/1 start Jaír and make up but I guess I’ll figure that out. Did you use the dj and photographer there as well? I have 18 guest going and I just can’t seem to convince myself to pay so much for a big photo package I was thinking maybe doing one hour package for the cocktail hour or reception. Thanks so much sorry for all the questions 😃
  3. Hi everyone, newbie here! I'm getting married here in September 2019, I'm curious if anyone has any pictures of their hair and make up. Im on the fence of letting them do my make up and it coming out bad! Well actually, I'm nervous about the whole thing, I've emailed my coordinator about 5x with tons of questions. Any advice from former excellence brides? Thanks!
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