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  1. Eshaalfatima

    Planning The Reception!

    So you’re engaged, now you just have plan perfect bridal party, the perfect ceremony, the perfect cocktail hour, and last but not least the perfect reception. Start by getting yourself organized it. I know, more stuff to gather and make. This is especially unappealing if you’re not the type to keep a planner. for more ideas you can visit this site blog dot bridal dot pk
  2. Eshaalfatima

    wedding ideas

    Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress? Or thinking of mixing some colors but weren’t sure of which color suits which? this is very memorable movement for every bride. for more ideas you can visit here, blog dot bridal dot pk.
  3. Eshaalfatima

    Wedding Party Ideas

    Hello, Boring weddings are not in trending theses days. People use beautiful flower decors and photo boots for their weeding receptions. me and my beautiful bride wanted to do something unique, we decided to make our reception's entry special. We selected 'game of thrones' theme for our wedding entrance. OBVIOUSLY we are not wedding planner so we used More with the help of Blog dot Bridal dot Pk my bride got an idea of customized wedding cake for the guests.
  4. Eshaalfatima

    Wedding Dresses

    Wedding is an important event. We found different types of wedding dresses in the World. Pakistani wedding is the ultimate celebration of love in this rich and ancient culture. Pakistani wedding dresses are beautifully unique, often incorporating vibrant colors and embellishments full of sparkle into their look. For more information you can visit here Blog dot Bridal dot Pk.
  5. Wedding is an important event for every couple. On this occasion we planned our different events. Some people wants destination wedding and some wants to traditional event. Its totally up to you that what kind of event you want to plan. In my wedding i got some wedding planning ideas from a online site that is very helpful for me. If you also interested to visit i am giving you site name you can visit and get the ideas. blog dot bridal dot pk
  6. Eshaalfatima

    Planning Your Wedding

    Wedding Planning Step 1: Plan Your Budget. Step 2: Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue. Step 3: Buy Wedding Insurance. Step 4: Choose Your Bridal Party. Step 5: Plan Your Wedding Guest List. Step 6: Choose Your Wedding Suppliers. Step 7: Order Your Dress. Step 8: Create Your Wedding Gift List. For More Information You can visit here blog dot bridal dot pk.